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Assessment SheetPlease answer the following 15 questions to the best of your ability. Your answers will be used to identify your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to how well you manage your anger. This FREE assessment is for educational purposes only and should not substitute a more formal anger management assessment, which we also offer.

Please answer each question with a single answer. After you have completed the assessment, press the Submit Answers button and we will instantly show you your assessment results.

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Assessment Questions

1. During the past week, I have felt irritable and frustrated with others.
2. When I get angry I often regret my actions and behaviors
3. I have broken or destroyed objects in anger and rage on more than one occasion
4. I get irritated with people that don’t agree with my views or opinions
5. When I get angry it is often intense and lasts longer than I would like
6. I have done very little to improve my temper. I just keep hoping it will improve with age.
7. I often have a hard time knowing or understanding how others feel or how my behavior might be affecting them
8. My internal dialog is often negative and I often tell myself how stupid I am or other are
9. I often feel mistreated by others
10. I often feel stress out, pressured or in a hurry
11. I often get enraged when driving.
12. Other’s have made mention to me that my behavior is often hostile or scary
13. My disagreements often turn into fights or loud arguments with others
14. I like to use drugs or alcohol when I am feeling stressed out or frustrated
15. When things don’t go my way, I often get depressed or anxious.