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Client Testimonials

Read what actual clients have to say about our online anger management class:

“I appreciated the information that is presented, it is enlightening and even in my early stage, has come to be useful, and has been used to avoid some recent possible uncomfortable situations just in the time I have started. That's all – Practical use is a good example of learning. Thank you!”
Marc L. — Sausalito, CA
“I do want you to know before I took this course I was enrolled in an anger management course here in my town and half way through they stopped offering anger management. I got allot more out of this online course than I ever did in the classes I went to. I will recommend this site in the future. Thanks again!”
Robert L. — Stanwood, WA
“Thank you for your help, this class really made me take a very hard look at my actions and own self distruction towards myself and others around me at the time of my divorce. How i pushed my friends and family away so i could isolate and be mean, now today i am a way nicer person with a optimistic view on situations and life. I now can talk to my ex THANK YOU.”
Paul P. — Kindwood, TX
“Thank you very much. I learned a great deal. This online anger management class changed my life.”
Prentice — Los Angeles, CA
“Let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the online anger management class. I learned some valuable information that I can use in the future!”
Tris H. — San Diego, CA
“I just wanted to acknowledge your anger management program by saying thank you for the help. You provided incredibly insightful information, please continue praying for me as I embark on a controlled anger managing approach for life.”
Davie J. — Ellenwood, GA
“I want to thank you for making this course available. It was so convenient for me being a college student to successfully take this course from my dorm room. It was also very effective in the fact that I can already see a difference in my behavior and I will use this course for the rest of my life.”
Joseph G. — Scranton, PA
“I want to tell you what great online Anger Management course you have. It is the best thing I could have ever done for myself and I feel it is going to change my whole life.”
Amy W. — Salem, OR
“Hi, My name is Melisa H. My husband just completed your online anger management course and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have also learned so much in learning how to constructively deal with his anger issue ! God Bless You and Keep Up the GOOD Work!!!”
Melisa H. — Dallas, TX
“Dear Dr. Novick,

I completed your online anger management class and I have to say that this is very useful information. The content that is provided reveals a lot of information and knowledge that can help people with issues that lead to anger. In my situation, it was mainly frustration and not being able to stay in the box and resolve issues in a relationship, not knowing how to say, ‘Honey I cant talk about this right now and I need a break to calm down.’ In my case frustration was a big issue and not knowing how to constructively use these simple steps of recognizing the ‘why’ and the how to handle ‘issues’ are valuable tools! I never knew that I had anger issues, I guess everyone does and the key is managing that anger. Good stuff and thanks again for putting together such as great program Online!”
Edward V. — Whittier, CA
“This was very good program! I learned many valuable lesson once forgotten. Thank you for the future life lessons and the way to deal with anger. I will recommend this program to anyone in need of anger management.”
Jeff H. — Fenton, MO
“Dr. Novick, this online anger management class has inspired me to become a better person. I learned skills in your class I never knew existed. Not only did your completion certificate gain acceptance from the judge in our case, he also asked to review the program for future clients to take. Thank you for offering such a valuable service online.”
Douglas B. — Atlanta, GA
“I was so scared of failing this course, but I can honestly say I learned a lot from this program. It really opened my eyes and changed the way I see situations. i also like that I can always refer back to be refresh if needed. Thank you Dr. Novick!”
Patricia R. — Baltimore, MD
“Your class was awesome. It totally changed my life. It was so well put together and easy to understand. My family for the first time notices a positive change in the way I handle myself. Thanks again Dr. Novick for such a great online anger management class.”
Johnny P. — New York, NY
“Dear Dr. Novick,

It's hard to realize the repercussions of anger when your right in the middle of it. I completed the course on line today and I must say that my eyes have been opened! In all honesty I believe that anyone and everyone could benefit from this wonderful course. You have managed to tackle some of the real life situations that have happened to just about everyone.From this day forward I am looking at life in a whole new perspective. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”
Patricia A. — Lake Worth, FL
“Hello Doctor, I had just got the certificate of completion in the mail. Thank you for your time and helping me become a better more well rounded person.”
Daxton — Baltimore, MD
“Dr Novick

Good information. I finish last night. I am extremely impressed with your website. As you know, I attend law school on-line. You website could put brick & mortar school out of business.
Tom T — Missoula, MT
“After all our twists and turns, the court in Duval County, Florida, accepted your online course completion certificate equivalent to what they call a Class 1 type course. Thanks again for your patience and my appreciation to you and your staff.”
Robert N. — Duval County, FL
“Good Morning Ari,

Thank you. Your course is very well paced and enlightening. I am enjoying learning and having more tools to use and suggest in my workplace as a supervisor in a high stress environment.

I wish this material had been made available to my immigrant parents and throughout my high school years for me to cope with a passionate (French) personality! My wife and I are raising our two young children in the Waldorf and peaceful conflict-resolution method. I will be using the "8 tools" talk when my boy is a little older I'm sure. Thanks again for your work.”
Gerard P. — San Luis Obispo, CA
“Thank you very much for your assistance. My experience with this course has helped me tremendously. My marriage is back on the right path!”
Carla C. — Navarre, FL
“You might get this a lot...your courses are tremendous. Very useful and manageable. I enjoyed the parenting and anger management classes. I used them to my advantage as my work schedule constantly changes. This would have been overwhelming to do each week with work, school and my daughter's schedule.

Thank you for your prompt attention and for creating what is the best distance learning classes anywhere. I recommend them anyone and everyone who needs them.”
Christopher B. — Diamond Bar, CA
“Dr. Novick,

Thank you for the wisdom contained in your anger management course. I am a 73 year old former Deputy Probation Officer for the Los Angeles County. In my opinion, a very significant reduction in crime and other human suffering could be gained by a wider use of your material in the corrections systems throughout the U.S. I only regret not having the benefit of this course before my foolish mistake that led to the suffering of me and my family.

I am now in serious danger of losing one of my investments and possibly other serious consequences. I performed an act that could have easily been avoided had I used the anger management tools I learned from your program. Thank you so much for all of your help.”
R. J. — Sunnyvale, CA
“This was the third time I had to take an anger management class due to a court related reason. I come from a very mentally violent family, and took it one more extreme of being physical. The first two classes where a joke. Group sessions with 15 to 20 angry people sitting together for a hour a week with one counselor trying to defend some of the things I learned in your class. I am sure I and a lot of others thought it was just a way for the court to punish us financially for our indiscretions, No one learned anything.

My probation officer told me to take a online class after I told him of my past experiences and I chose ya'll. What a contrast to past experiences. I don't think I will make the same mistakes again. IF, I use what I have learned here. Thank you for giving me the tools that I didn't have before.”
Jeffrey H. — Pinellas Park, FL
“This class was exceptional and very convenient. Great job, thanks again.”
Matt M. — Yakima, WA
“I thought overall the course was very helpful for me. I am dealing with a divorce and alot of what was being conveyed in the course related to myself and how I might interpret or even react to certain situations. I felt the quiz questions were helpful tools keeping the information fresh. The final exam I thought might be a little short, there is plenty of information in this course that I felt wasn't covered in the exam.

I realize this is an online course maybe a couple more examples of real life situations could help distinguishing between the eight tools. Overall, again I feel this course has helped me to take a step back and look at the situation and think things over before a reaction. Also the assertive communication is being practiced a little more rather than being passive. Thank you for sharing this course with me.”
Louis M. — Gloucester, MA
“I wanted to say a personal thank you for the development of this program and offering it through the internet. I, among many I'm sure, am very grateful.”
Michelle E. — Gainesville, FL
“I just wanted to say thank you for everything. My case was dissmissed ! Thanks again anger class online.”
Kevin D. — Kiowa, CO
“Dear Dr. Novick,

I was very skeptical since the internet is often misleading, but was surprised by the excellent quality of the anger management class and the related advice. It was so useful that I am going to have everyone in my household read the materials and do the course.

Thank you for providing such excellent materials for the general public.”
Valerie E., Attorney at Law — Chattanooga, TN
“I believe in this program and the affects it illuminates on societies most burdened by anger. This course is a MUST for those challenged by the control of anger and ANYONE that has or is a part of those lives. The reward is the sharing of the knowledge I have received so that people can better understand us and the education to help us who so desperately need it to better ourselves rather than any monetary value which is only an added bonus! Thanks for starting me on a new road to control, success and bliss!”
SP Green — Arlington, TX
“It was so nice to finally take a course without having to download pages and pages of material. It was so easy to use, and I really learned to great skills. Thanks Anger Class Online!”
Kurt T. — Palo Alto, CA
“I needed to take a course for a court order and I work evenings. Anger Class Online was perfect for me because I could take the class at my own pace on my own time. The materials was really easy to read and learn. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to get their anger under control”
Burt W. — Orlando, FL
“My wife told me if I didn’t get my anger under control she was going to leave me. Anger Class Online was a real help to me in learning skills to better control my temper and to communicate more effectively. Thanks guys!!”
Eugene S. — Boise, ID
“I have taken other online courses before, but this was so easy to use and the material was outstanding. The 8 tools of anger control should be mandatory for everyone to learn. The world would be a better place. Thanks again for such a great course.”
Annie P. — Seattle, WA
“I knew I had to do something about my anger. I searched the internet for classes near me, but there was nothing available or affordable. I gave Anger Class Online a try, praying it would be helpful. It totally exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a great class.”
Bonnie F. — Queens, NY
“Thanks so much for this course, it saved my marriage!”
Chad B. — Mt. Vernon, IN
“When I got the court order from the judge in Texas, I thought to myself how am I ever going to get this requirement met? was so helpful to me as I not only learned something about myself that I never realized, I also met the requirements of my order. Thanks AngerClassOnline.”
Mark M. — Houston, TX
“I tried another online anger management program and it turned out not to really be online. I had to download a PDF, print it out and then go to some message board. I was really complicated and not easy to use.

Anger Class Online was so simple. Taking the course was a breeze.”
Raul G. — Columbus, OH
“When I got my court order, I was so nervous about finding a program that would fit my schedule and that was affordable. Anger Class was so easy, affordable, and I even learned some skills that I never knew existed!”
Mark Z. — Cambridge, MA
“I knew that if I didn’t learn to get my anger under control I was going to lose my wife and my family. I work evening, so taking a live class was not an option. This online anger management program was the best thing I’ve done for myself. I learned so much and I can already see the improvement in my relationships.”
Michael B. — Houston, TX
“Thanks for making such a wonderful class. Even though I had to complete it for a court order, I wish I would have taken this course years ago...”
Ramon O. — Union City, NJ
“I had to take this class at the request of my employer. At first, I thought it was a waste of time, but after going through the 8 tools of anger control, I now realize how much I needed this. Thanks Dr. Novick!”
Neil G. — Stamford, CT
“I started to get it....and then I got it! Not only did I need the anger management class but feel that it has provided necessary tools for me to be able to control my anger by putting issues into perspective.”
Linda A. — Caney, KS
“I’ve taken anger management classes in the past. There was no comparison to the quality of to what I experienced. This class is easy to use, gives concrete tools, and was so affordable.”
Abraham S. — Tucson, AZ
“I knew I had an anger problem, I just never knew how to get help. When I got ordered to take a class, I figured here was my chance. This course was so helpful to me to learn skills to better manage my anger and aggression. My kids notice how much calmer I remain and my husband is still in shock over my changes.

I recommend this class to everyone.”
Kendra S. — Dalton, GA
“It was impossible for me to take time off work. I am a Director of Sales for a large company and travel extensively. This class was ideal for a business executive who needs to complete an anger management program. It was well put together and was a great learning experience for me. I am considering having some of my team take it too!”
Frank T. — Spirit Lake, ID
“This course really opened my eyes to see what I am going through. Thanks a lots guys!”
Tyrone W. — Tallahassee, FL
“I wouldn't change a thing about it. I actually thought that it was a great learning experience. Very convenient for my busy schedule. At first, I was just looking at this as one of the things that I had to do. It then became something that I wanted and enjoyed to do. I learned a lot.

Thank you for making this one of the most enlightening and fun experiences I've had. I appreciate the lessons and the convenience of your program. I also appreciate and am very grateful for the minds that worked together to make a program like this possible and available for people like me. ”
Jasmine G. — Upper Marlboro, MD
“ Course was laid out well. Organized and clear. I would recommend it to anyone with these issues.”
John L. — Deptford, NJ