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Here is a recent email that came to our office.  It is a perfect example of why corporate anger management classes are so important to help improve business productively and moral.

"So the reason I'm inquiring is actually for my older brother. He and I run the family business and I am having to deal with him yelling and cussing out our employees and customers on a pretty consistent basis. The other factor is I'm 16 years younger than him and he reports to me. He and my dad got into a huge fight where my brother ended up throwing a plastic chair across the room. That, combined with poor financial results, caused my dad to replace him with me. Surprisingly, this didn't affect our relationship and in a way I think he was relieved.

Fast forward three years and the company is much healthier but I think he still has a lot of problems controlling his temper. He usually had a valid reason for being upset, however, his reaction is often so abrupt, loud, and angry his point is lost and people focus on his reaction rather than trying to listen to what he's saying. Most of the people that report directly to him are afraid to talk to him because they don't know which person will respond. There are times when he is compassionate and understanding. There are times when he will belittle people. There are also times that he will fly off the handle and scream, cuss, and rant.

For whatever reason I didn't inherit this jean and I'm pretty patient and calm so once he loses it on someone they come to me to vent. At this point I realize I'm in a no-win situation. He's not a normal employee that I can discipline or fire as we'll still be eating Thanksgiving dinner every year. I also realize I cannot grow this business to its full potential with him acting this way. We have lost customers and good employees due to his behavior.

My question is: how do I convince him to at least give your program a try?

For information on our corporate anger management classes, visit our anger management classes online website for details.

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