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The line, "Tis the season to be merry" is often repeated during the holiday season. However, the reality is that for many it is a season of increased stress, anger and anxiety. There are many factors that contribute to this crazy time of year - stress from travel, conflicts with in-laws, traffic, expectations at work, too much drinking, and misunderstanding between partners to name a few. You might be able to relate to this yourself and even recall instances over the years where everything came to a head and your responses were irrational and angry. Anger is not really a bad emotion as long as it is restrained. Expressing disappointment is actually normal for human beings. To help you get through the holidays more peacefully, here are some of the best anger management techniques to control yourself in conflict situations:

*Try to maintain a sense of balance. During this time of year we go to more parties, get less sleep, eat high fat foods and sometimes indulge in too much alcohol. Do your best to leave the party at a decent hour, eat from the veggie platter and get enough sleep!

* Meditate, or do some reflection upon waking up. Doing some yoga or tai chi can calm down troubled thoughts. This will start your with a more relaxed perspective since you have conditioned your body and mind to handle whatever comes along for the rest of the day.

* Lower your expectations this time of year and look for alternate solutions. Accept that it’s going to take longer to get home from work because of additional traffic and realize that everyone is trying to accomplish end of the year tasks that might contribute to forgetfulness and a lack of patience.

* Take a time out. When the situation is really hot, better abandon your post and cool down. Leave the table if you must instead of lashing out at all the people enjoying their dinner. Take a walk around the block or just leave the room prior to an explosive outburst.

* Keep communication lines open and clear. Validate what you heard to avoid miscommunication later. People are in a hurry and often pay less attention to details. Make a checklist of things to do and ensure that all your instructions are clear. This will minimize possible conflicts later.

Taking these tips into consideration will help you to manage your anger during the holidays. However, a more beneficial and long lasting solution is to take anger management classes online. This is a practical solution for busy people who don't have time to go to school. Clients save on gas, avoid traffic hassles and can login and out whenever it fits their own schedule. Topics cover stress management, improving communication skills and get further into techniques to help respond in a rational manner.

One lasting gift for yourself this holiday season is the education of self-improvement courses online. Remember, anger is a manageable emotion and individuals can improve their behavior by learning new skills to control it. The holidays are the best time of the year to express your appreciation to your loved ones, rather than your frustration. Make each minute count by learning how to stay calm and enjoy the season.

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