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Feeling angry isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can give you the energy to make your concerns heard, it can motivate you to get involved in situations you care about and it can keep others from taking advantage of you. However, anger can become a serious problem if you don’t handle it in a healthy way. Anger Class Online for Alabama is the premier, most comprehensive and widely accepted program available to learn new anger management skills. It is an ideal way to fulfill your court, probation, workplace or self-improvement needs in an interesting, fast and simple way. This is an especially helpful format for Alabama residents who live in the over 200 rural towns spread out across the state. Participants can stay at home and go at their own pace to engage in learning rather than having to drive far distances to find an in-person class that meets once a week.

Do you have a troubled teen? In Alabama there were approximately 11,500 arrests of adolescents under the age of 18 last year. These arrests included assaults, disorderly conduct, underage drinking, robbery and other violent crimes. Anger Class Online also offers an Adolescent Anger Management Class exclusively designed to address and improve anger and stress management in 11 – 17 year olds.

Available 24/7, 100% Online

Anger class online is ideal for individuals who find it difficult getting to a traditional weekly classroom course. If you travel for business, have long or unconventional work hours, or are taking care of children and can’t get away, this is the class for you! Once you enroll, the class becomes immediately available to take whenever you have free time during the day or night. There is no limit to the number of times a student logs in and out. The computer program holds your last spot so you can continue on from where you left off. The best part is that you can take the course from your Smartphone, Ipad, Tablet, PC or laptop, from any location that has Internet connection. There are no workbooks to keep track of and absolutely nothing to print out.

Anger Class Online is available to help clients satisfy their immediate needs with 6 different course lengths to choose from:

While we have participants taking our programs throughout many counties and cities in the state of Alabama. Some of the most common areas include: Anniston, Ashford, Athens, Birmingham, Daleville, Daphne, Dothan, Fairhope, Huntsville, Jasper, Madison, Montgomery, Newville, Rehobeth and Saraland.

Program Price
4 Hour Anger Class $95.00 Register
8 Hour Anger Class $195.00 Register
10 Hour Anger Class $225.00 Register
12 Hour Anger Class $245.00 Register
16 Hour Anger Class $295.00 Register
20 Hour Anger Class $375.00 Register
26 Hour Anger Class $495.00 Register
36 Hour Anger Class $595.00 Register
52 Hour Anger Class $995.00 Register
8 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $195.00 Register
12 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $245.00 Register
16 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $295.00 Register
20 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $375.00 Register
26 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $495.00 Register

FREE Certificate of Completion

Once you successfully finish the class, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. This is the official documentation that is presented to the legal system to prove the requirement was fulfilled. It includes your name, birth date, case number, address and the class you completed. This document will be mailed to you via US Mail for FREE. You can also choose to pay an additional shipping charge to receive it more quickly.

Completely Private

Taking our class online is a completely private experience. No one needs to know that you are taking the class except your attorney and the judge. It alleviates the stress of having to go into a classroom full of strangers and share your story publicly.

100% Money-back Guarantee

Anger Class Online is designed and created by Dr. Ari Novick, a licensed and practicing Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Anger Management Professional and Trainer. The course is designed to be court approved, which means that the information included in the class is what the legal system is expecting participants to learn. However, each legal and employment related case is different. We therefore suggest that our clients get prior approval from the Judge, Probation Officer, Attorney or Human Resource Manager to take an online course. If for any reason our program is not accepted, we offer a 100% refund. Simply fax us the written proof of decline within 60 days of class purchase and the entire class cost will be refunded.

Alabama Family Law Courts

Jurisdictions across the country are finding that anger management courses are highly beneficial for parents going through high conflict divorce situations. In fact, the family law court in Huntsville is now requiring anger management assessments for divorcing couples. If the court deems that anger or aggressive behavior is negatively impacting their ability to work together to create a healthy environment for their children, parents are mandated to take 12 hours of anger management classes to help improve relationships.

Our online anger classes have been widely used by participants in many different cities in Alabama like Birmingham, Mobile, Auburn and Tuscaloosa. Residents in the smaller, more rural areas like Altoona, Lexington, Powell and Summerdale have particularly appreciated the ability to learn from home instead of having to make a long drive to a more urban area to find an in-person class.

Alabama Student Testimony

“Honestly, I didn’t want to take this class. I knew I had an anger problem but didn’t understand how bad it had gotten until I was court ordered to take it after a bar fight. It really opened my eyes and I learned new ways to get my anger under control before taking it out on someone else! I highly recommend to take this course before you get in trouble with the law!” Jim L. - Auburn, AL