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We issue a Certificate of Completion when a participant has successfully completed their anger management class program through our website at Anger Class Online. Completion certificates are issued when the participant has successfully passed all the requirements of the course they enrolled. For example, if a participant enrolled in our 12 hour/session online anger management class, they would receive their certificate of completion after completing all the course content and passing their final exam with a 70% or higher. All other anger management class length programs, such as our 8, 16, 26, 36, and 52 hour programs, similar requirements.

Our certificate of completion is unique in many ways. In addition to providing the client's contact information, court case number (if for court), date of birth, etc, we also provide a specialized certificate number. Each certificate of completion must include this number which is used to verify the validity of the certificate. Any court official may contact our office to verify a certificate using this identification number. Each certificate also has our corporate seal embossed in the lower right hand corner. This seal is also unique in that only our office can produce the embossed information. Finally, each certificate also has an original signature directly from Dr. Ari Novick. While we also provide an electronic (E-Certificate) version of our certificate upon request, which can be instantly downloaded, we recommend using the original signed and embossed copy.

View a sample copy of our anger management certificate of completion