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Dr. Ari Novick was interviewed by CBS news correspondent Michele Tafoya on the topic of anger in the workplace. Listen to this audio broadcast below. The story involved a recent study that came out describing how angry management can be a motivator to employees. The problem with the study, however, was that the sample size was only 63 and it was all psychology students. Obviously, the results were skewed. Not to mention, the study addressed epistemic motivation, which would need to be assessed in every employee before anger was used otherwise such behavior could backfire. In general, employers can expect more motivated employees when management has a high level of emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent managers tend to have happier employees who are more productive and motivated to work hard.

Skills in anger management can be learned in anger management classes or by taking a quality online anger management class.

Dr. Ari Novick Radio Interview by Michele Tafoya