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The shootings at Columbine High School in 1999 and the Batman Movie massacre in 2012 have unfortunately put Colorado in the forefront of high profile acts of aggressive and violent behavior. Research shows that aggression is a learned behavior, one that many individuals witness as children and then act out as adults. As normal human beings, we are susceptible to all kinds of different influences; the key is to learn self-control. With proper therapy and education, it is possible to break this cycle and learn how to control these emotions by maintaining healthier ways of thinking, responding and communicating in daily life.

Anger Class Online is designed to help participants gain control of his or her angry behavior by investigating the source, understanding the triggers and using specific tools to manage reactions in a positive way. We are the premier online programs for residents of Colorado who need to fulfill a court order, an employment mandate, a school related issue or are just looking to improve their well-being.

Taking an online course is highly beneficial for individuals who are looking for a convenient, educational and interesting way to learn new skills. Once the class is purchased, it becomes immediately available to access from any Internet connected computer device. There is no pre-determined schedule to follow or limit to the number of times a student logs in or out. It is completely self-paced which provides the ability to get the program done quickly to meet an upcoming court date, or slowly over a few weeks at your own leisure.

Different Classes To Choose From

Anger Class Online is available to help clients satisfy their immediate needs with 6 different course lengths. They include:

While we have participants taking our programs throughout many counties and cities in the state of Colorado. Some of the most common areas include: Arvada, Aurora, Castle Rock, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Frederick, Glenwood Springs, Greeley, LAKEWOOD, Littleton, Silverthorne, Superior and Thornton.

Program Price
4 Hour Anger Class $95.00 Register
8 Hour Anger Class $195.00 Register
10 Hour Anger Class $225.00 Register
12 Hour Anger Class $245.00 Register
16 Hour Anger Class $295.00 Register
20 Hour Anger Class $375.00 Register
26 Hour Anger Class $495.00 Register
36 Hour Anger Class $595.00 Register
52 Hour Anger Class $995.00 Register
8 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $195.00 Register
12 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $245.00 Register
16 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $295.00 Register
20 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $375.00 Register
26 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $495.00 Register

FREE Completion Certificate

When you finish the program, we will send you a Certificate of Completion via USPS at no additional cost. This document includes your name, the class you took, the date, your case number, birth date and our licensing information and official seal. We can also make the certificate available to download from your computer for free. Overnight shipping is available at an additional expense.

100% Guarantee

Our programs have been designed by Dr. Ari Novick, a licensed and practicing Family Therapist and Certified Anger Management Professional and Trainer. Anger Class Online is one of the most widely accepted online anger management classes in the country. We have had great success with clients taking our courses in areas like Fort Collins, Lakewood, Littleton, Denver, Evergreen, Aurora, Durango and Colorado Springs. However, each case is different and in some circumstances the judge will specify to take an in-person class. If you are taking our course for court approval, we always suggest getting prior approval from the legal system or your attorney to take a distance learning class. If for any reason our course is not accepted, we offer a 100% refund with a written proof of decline and within 60 days of class purchase.

We're Here To Help!

Dr. Novick or one of his trained staff members is available to answer your calls during the workweek, Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. We can help you with any questions you have about the program, change shipping information, update progress reports, make a Certificate available to download or whatever else comes up. We can also be reached via email 365 days a year.

Adolescent Anger Management Issues In Colorado

Bullying continues to be an ongoing problem both nationally and within Colorado. Over a decade after the Columbine shootings, 58% of students still admit to engaging in physical altercations or standing by while others did it. 67% admit to verbal bullying. Colorado schools have taken a stand to include anti-bullying messages in school assemblies and within the classrooms but parents don’t necessarily follow-up at home. Another issue that has arisen with adolescents and young adults comes with the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use. It’s easier than ever for kids to get a hold of it and substance abuse programs in the area report that many adolescents view it as a healthy way to deal with anger, ADHD and sleep issues.

The earlier we educate our adolescents and teach them the skills they need to combat anger issues, the better off they will be in the long run. Parents can take the opportunity to provide Anger Management Classes for Teens as soon as they detect a problem and before the behavior becomes a habit.

Adult Anger Issues Unique to Colorado

Colorado is one of the top 20 states in the country for divorce. Some researchers think this is because many families are not native to the state but have moved in over the past two decades. This leaves them without close family nearby to utilize for support. University of Denver studies have found that couples that learn techniques to successfully resolve their disagreements and anger have the best chance for a marital happiness.

Colorado Customer Testimony

“Thank you for providing this useful class. My boss asked me to take some anger control classes because of complaints within the office. I learned ways to better handle myself with co-workers, and kept my job!” Kevin B. – Westminster, CO