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Vermont Anger Class Online is designed to meet self-improvement goals as well as for individuals convicted of an offense, or need to satisfy employment or school related requirements. The goal of our program is to offer clients easy access to the tools they need to identify, recognize and change the thinking that leads to their angry behavior.

Why Now?

Anger is a powerful emotion. It is usually triggered by stress, fear, anxiety or the feeling of being treated unfairly. Some people have little control over their anger that results in explosive rage, verbal fights, physical abuse or violence. This ongoing anger is a debilitating experience as it can contribute to depression, health issues, isolation and even run-ins with the law. The good news is that expressing anger appropriately is a behavior that can be learned by exposure to proper role models, or by learning through therapy or educationally based classes. Individuals who desire change in their life as a result of chronic anger can implement new techniques to experience a greater sense of inner peace, improved health and to enhance intimate relationships.

100% Online, Flexible Schedule

Anger Class Online for residents of the Green Mountain State is available to provide privacy and convenience for busy lifestyles. Our clients simply choose the class length they need and the course becomes immediately available with Internet connection at any time of the day or night. Our students have the freedom to login and out as many times as they wish, whenever they have free time. The computer program holds your last spot, so there’s no concern about losing your place. There are no workbooks or paper work to keep track of because the entire course is taken on the computer screen in front of you.

The pace is completely up to you. This is a highly beneficial format for anyone who travels for business because you can login from anywhere in the 50 states, whenever you have free time. It’s also helpful for individuals who need to fulfill a quickly approaching court deadline because there is no limit to the number of hours you accomplish per day. For example, a 12-week anger management requirement that would normally take 3 months to accomplish at an in-person program can be finished over a weekend if necessary.

Choose Your Class Length

Anger Class Online is available to help clients satisfy their immediate needs with 6 different course lengths. They include:

While we have participants taking our programs throughout many counties and cities in the state of Vermont. Some of the most common areas include: East Burke and Websterville.

Program Price
4 Hour Anger Class $95.00 Register
8 Hour Anger Class $195.00 Register
10 Hour Anger Class $225.00 Register
12 Hour Anger Class $245.00 Register
16 Hour Anger Class $295.00 Register
20 Hour Anger Class $375.00 Register
26 Hour Anger Class $495.00 Register
36 Hour Anger Class $595.00 Register
52 Hour Anger Class $995.00 Register
8 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $195.00 Register
12 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $245.00 Register
16 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $295.00 Register
20 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $375.00 Register
26 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $495.00 Register

We can also tailor a class to meet your specific requirements. If you are taking an anger class to satisfy a court mandate, we suggest getting prior approval from the judge, probation officer or your attorney to take a distance-learning course. This is because not every case is the same, and sometimes a judge will specify local traditional classes for the offender to choose from.

FREE Proof of Enrollment, Progress Reports and Certificate of Completion

Once you enroll, you can immediately print out a proof of enrollment to show your probation officer, judge, social worker or attorney. Per your request, we can update and provide you with progress reports along the way. When you finish Anger Class Online, we will send you a Certificate of Completion via USPS at no additional cost. You can choose to have it sent to your house, your attorney or directly to the courthouse. If timing is crucial, we can also make it available for you to download. Expedited shipping is also available at an additional cost.

100% Refund Guarantee

We have experienced great success in the state of Vermont in areas like St. Albans, Colchester, Williston, Brattleboro and Rutland. We take great pride in all our programs and offer a 100% refund if for any reason the court system that you are dealing with doesn’t accept our class for your particular requirement. Simply send us written proof of decline within 60 days of class purchase and we will refund the entire cost of the class back to you.

Top Notch Customer Service

If you have any questions about our programs or need help enrolling, you can call our customer service helpline at 949-715-2694 365. Trained staff as well as Dr. Novick is available to speak with you during the workweek from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST. We can also be reached via email at [email protected] 365 days a year.

Vermont Anger Management Issues

Vermont is the 2nd least populated state in the country. People from other states often envy the residents because of the wide-open spaces, beautiful mountains, lakes, ski resorts and casual lifestyle. Families are particularly drawn to the area because of the public school system. In 2013, the teacher/pupil ratio was the lowest in the U.S. and graduation rates continue to be among the highest in the country. Approximately 34% of the population has an undergraduate degree compared to 28% nationwide, which also makes it one of the smartest states. However, salaries are generally lower and there are fewer job openings than in other states, factors that contribute to keeping the population down. Vermont also has a higher divorce rate than most of the other North Eastern states, hovering around 12.6%. Some educators attribute this to the fact that Vermont is considered the least religious state in the U.S., which makes it easier for couples to consciously dissolve their unions without the hassle of religious judgment. We often have clients who take our anger management classes to learn how to successfully address issues in their marriage before divorce becomes a reality.

Vermont Client Testimonial

“Thank you for all your help! The class was easy to use and I was able to finish my court mandated 16 hours over 2 weeks instead of 4 months. As soon as I got the certificate of completion in front of the judge, she granted me partial custody of my 2 kids in time for the holidays. I learned a lot and would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to get their angry outbursts under control.” Joan M. – Burlington, VT