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From Arizona to LA, from time to time you’ll see someone freaking out and losing his or her temper.  They might even be yelling and screaming in anger. It’s not going to get them anywhere, so why do it? Here some simple anger management tips to keep you from being “that guy.”

8. Walk it out
Exercise is often a great way to burn off extra energy and let loose some steam. There’s no better and more accessible way to exercise than by walking.  You’ll be able to take in the fresh air and get that anger out of sight and out of mind. As you walk you’ll either become tired out from walking and therefore too exhausted to be angry, or you’ll have time to think it out and calm down.

7. Laugh
It may sound dumb, but laugh. Stand back from the situation and make a joke about it to ease the seriousness of the moment.

6. Meditating
If you’re a baby boomer or new-ager this might be right up your alley. Meditating will help put a quiet place in your mind and help calm you down. Meditating will help you find a clear and defined solution to what is causing your anger, and how to fix it.

5. Express Yourself
Anger is best relieved when faced directly. Just because something upset you, doesn’t mean it was done with malicious intent. Confront the source of your anger; if it’s another person then calmly express to them what has been bothering you and see if you can come to a compromise.

4. Writing
Writing is a great stress reliever. Whether in a daily journal or in a blog post, writing about what has happened can help immensely. In today’s high tech world of social networking sites like Facebook, writing about your day to your friends can be a huge “pick me up” and get you out of the hole that your anger has gotten you into.

3. Getting space
This can be essential for a couple. Two people that spend a large amount of their time together will naturally have arguments. Some of these arguments can be worse than others. Just get a little space and let each other cool down. I’m not just talking about across the room. Get enough space so that you can’t see one another.  This can apply to friends as well. Any two people or even a group can get very annoyed and angry with each other quickly. Sometimes with a little time and space, everyone can see where they went wrong and can move on.

2. Know Your “Anger Triggers”
For different people there are different things that make them extremely angry.  The surest way of getting your anger under control is to know what your “anger triggers” are. If you know those, you can know when to get help or walk away. Either is better than feeding the anger with a fight. Knowing your triggers means you’ll know what situations to avoid and when to start your anger controls to keep yourself calm.

1. Talk it out
Sometimes the best medicine is simply talking to a friend.  When you find yourself angry and ready to explode, call a good friend and talk it out with him or her. Say exactly what you’re feeling and a good friend will help you talk through it.

These skills can often be learned in online anger management classes or local anger management classes

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