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Anger is a natural human response to events in the environment.  It occurs when something happens to an individual and they feel that is was not appropriate or acceptable.  Naturally, people will respond to the situation in order to try to resolve it.  Their emotional response is to be unhappy and not comfortable.  There may also be physical or verbal responses to the issue.

Anger may cause fighting or arguing.  This destroys relationships in many cases.  People who are angry all of the time are not able to have a lot of decent relationships.  Their feelings of hostility will separate them from others.  They may tend to argue with anyone who is close to them.  In some cases, they may cause physical harm to others when they are not happy.  This can include fighting, yelling or other abusive behaviors. 

Relationships function well when people are comfortable with each other.  Angry people are rarely comfortable and are normally too hostile to be in a relationship.  A relationship share connection where people have a sense that they are connected and relaxed.   Married couples form this type of connection in order to manage finances, have romantic moments and raise children together.  Families have relationships in order to be able to live together or complete tasks as a team.

If someone is having difficulty maintaining relationships, they may need anger management help.  This type of program will help to cope with the feelings of anger.  It will teach individuals to properly respond to others when they are irate.  It is natural to be angry for humans but it is not OK to physically hard another simple because one feels upset.  The correct responses can be learned in order to save relationships.  It is possible to be angry and not to argue or cause harm to others.  It is also possible to be enraged and resolve a situation without damaging a relationship.  For many individuals, these responses need to be learned from taking anger classes.  Many of the programs will help the individuals to know when they are angry and to understand how angry they are.  Some individuals do not think clearly when they are upset.  They tend to make impulse decisions that will destroy relationships and get them into trouble.

If you want to have good relationships that don't become destroyed, you need to control your anger.  Make sure that you are not saying or doing things before you think.  Seek help from a professional if you have difficulty keeping relationships with others through Online Anger Management or even a local anger managment course.  It is possible to learn the proper behaviors and control your anger.  You will want others to feel comfortable and safe near you.

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