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Excessive anger is a negative emotion that can lead you into trouble with friends, family and the law. Many relationships across the country suffer from domestic violence.  One partner in the relationship has temper control issues which they use against another family member or spouse to fulfill their own feeling of control.  The individual employs verbal threats of violence as well as physical violence to dominate the situation.  Legally, this behavior is called assault and battery and should not have to be endured by anyone. 

For those who find themselves displaying this type behavior, it is time to change before the police get involved.   You may be able to get by with excuses once or possibly twice, but continued police involvement will land you in front of a judge.  You might receive jail time, a fine and very often the court will mandate you take a class to learn how to manage your anger in a productive way. 

Anger management classes have been designed to reform a person's attitude and character. When a person becomes aggressive, he usually takes out the rage by becoming physical or by loud verbal threats. These classes will help the aggressor learn how to stabilize their behavior and temper prior to an outburst. The first aim of these classes is to identify the reasons behind the excessive anger.  Once the individual understands where the anger is stemming from, they begin to take the necessary steps to stop this behavior.  For example, if the anger is initiated due to alcohol or any related intoxication, the classes will focus on tips to manage addiction.  In other situations, the cause of the anger can stem from poor communication skills, feelings of inadequacy in a relationship, exhaustion, or a lack of empathy.  Anger control classes are designed to address these issues and teach the skills necessary for better communication which will alleviate these over-the-top feelings. 

A few more benefits are that you will learn problem solving skills, how to implement a sense of humor, relaxations skills, stress management techniques and most importantly effective communication tools.  One of the best ways of diffusing a potentially high-conflict situation is to bring some humor into the moment.  The tension of the moment will be eradicated and everyone will relax and move on to figuring out a solution. 

Not only will these courses help in your home life, but in social situations and in the workplace.  Overall, anger management classes like those offered at, are highly beneficial for people that want to learn to control their temper for self-improvement, or for those that need to fulfill a court mandate for assault and battery.  The client simply chooses a 4-hour to 26-hour length course depending on what is required, and can drop-in and out at their own convenience.  They are relaxed, self-paced classes designed to help alleviate the added stress of having to drive across town to an anger management course in a traditional classroom setting.  These classes are competitively priced and offer a Certificate of Completion after the final exam has been passed.  This certificate can be turned into the court system to prove that the class was successfully taken.  This is an excellent solution for individuals who want to change their ways and create a happier life free of violence, threats and uncontrolled anger. 

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