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Anger is quite a normal and functional emotion. It is an emotional expression of dissatisfaction especially when things as perceived by the individual, aren't done fairly or right. However, some children have trouble controlling anger, and they can become aggressive, leading to detrimental repercussions. Children who are innately unable to manage their angry behavior can be taught the skills before this inappropriate behavior becomes a habit. In an anger management class, your child will be taught basic anger control techniques, as well as stress management.

Like all behavioral issues, it is most beneficial if the parent recognizes the signs of uncontrollable anger, and deals with it at an early age. Talk to your child about why they feel so angry and try to work together to establish what triggers the behavior. It is helpful to observe the behavior, and learn to identify the early warning signs when anger is starting to well up. Strategize together by talking to each other the things that he/she can do to combat the anger. You can encourage your child to handle it by walking away, taking deep breaths or simply counting to 10 in their mind before responding to a situation that is making them angry.

Team up with your child to assist him in dealing with his anger. Let your child know that you are there for him and you will work together to get rid of these bad feelings. For younger children, this process could be fun and creative. You can simply give the anger a nick-name and try drawing it. A good example of this could be by calling it a volcano that is deemed to an eventual explosion.

Set your anger management goals together so that he feels part of the solution, and agree to work towards their accomplishment. Be clear and establish exactly what the goals are and what it will take to obtain them. Many parents find a star chart, pinned on the wall with established awards a successful way of reaching positive results.

Keep in mind that positive feedback is imperative. No matter how small they may seem, praise the child's efforts along the way. This can help your child to build up confidence and realize immediate gratification for his good behavior.

Signs of anger in children can lead to various responses. Some children will start off with clenched fists, tenseness in their body, a verbal outburst, or straight out physical violence. Uncontrollable anger will continue on to destruction of items, harm to others or themselves. When a child is displaying this behavior, be aware of the environment around him and ensure it is safe by removing sharp or heavy objects, and other people who could receive the brunt of it.

Anger management classes designed specifically for adolescents are a great tool for parents facing this type of behavior. Since kids today really enjoy being on the computer, have them take a class online. Children’s anger management programs are specially designed to help kids figure out the triggers of their anger by utilizing a cognitive-behavior therapy that focus on recognition, relaxation, and expression of feelings, self awareness and stress management. Online classes designed specifically for kids are interesting, educational and are created to keep their attention. Classes can be taken individually, with a parent, or the entire family in the privacy of your own home. This is a highly beneficial aspect of online classes, as the child does not need to feel embarrassed or shy in front of other students in a classroom environment. It enables a more relaxed atmosphere in which the family can stop the program at any time to talk about different questions or issues that arise. Anger management classes are a tool that every parent should consider when dealing with an angry child.

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