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The New York man who a prosecutor said was a victim of "his own bad attitude" has been ordered to complete an anger management course as part of his sentence for resisting arrest.  Just when you thought attititude didn't matter, a judge can decide that your outlook and attitude warrent anger classes.

Contrary to popular belief, anger behavior is actually linked to attitude as well as feelings.  There is much scientific evidence to support that thinking, feelings and behaviors are all inter-related.  Anger management classes can help those with a bad attititude on a number of levels.  These classes will teach skills to help improve flawed thinking or belief's that are getting in the way for functioning at our best.

While anger management classes aren't the cure to all anger control problems, they certainly are a start.  As it relates to attitude in court, lesson learned.  Don't be sour grapes, or you might find yourself taking anger management classes too!

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