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It is a well-known fact that one of the most common reasons for people to seek divorce is anger. Like it is been said "anger destroys and rarely reforms". As a result of anger and bitter upset, many marriages have been torn apart. When one party expresses too much anger, while the other been meek, the outcome is usually less, but if both parties are bird of a feather, then the whole house will never cease from boiling. However, one question is paramount; how can marriages be saved from the blows of anger?

 In view of this, anger management classes have been created to save many marriages at the brim of collapse. From various classes that have held, the outcomes were satisfactory. Many reasons cause anger in different people, but in a marital relationship, anger is often caused by some certain reasons. The function of the anger management classes is to recognise the main cause of anger and proffer to it a better solution.

There is no river without a source; likewise, there is no irruption of anger without a cause. The first thing the anger management classes will do is to let you recognise the major thing the causes your anger.  If you don’t know what makes you go angry, then you will find difficulties getting your problem solved.  But once you get what makes you angry, the problem is half-solved. California leads the pack for the most marriages and the most divorces.

The second approach, which anger management classes do, employ in helping you out with your anger, is to train you to have a strong self-control. If you can control yourself especially your emotions, then you are free to handle any emotional situation and, therefore, control your anger. The classes will offer you various ways through which you can control yourself. There are various activities to help you with self-control, e.g., writing, walking, etc. This will, however, be under the supervision of an anger therapist.

Another service the anger management classes will render is relief from sexual frustration. Sex is the salt and life of every marital relationship. A discord on the bed may tear the home apart. When there is sexual dissatisfaction, a partner may become angry which may lead to irrevocable separation.  Therefore, the anger management will help the couple to resolve their sex life and save the marriage from collapse.

Nagging is another cause of anger. It is a form of passive but strong aggression. When nagging is not well managed, things can go out of hand and put asunder into the knotted tie of marriage. Comfort and repose is generally sought in marriage, however, with a nagging partner, the marriage may turn oven for both.

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