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If one Senator in Florida gets her way, people interested in buying ammunition will have a 3 day waiting period for ammunition purchases. During that time, Senator Audrey Gibson says that buyers should have to prove that they’ve taken an anger management program. She has presented a bill that mandates that ammunition buyers take an anger class as a condition of purchase. This bill is directed at individuals stockpiling ammunition. She believes it will help the safety of the general public to get people thinking about how much they really need.

Senator Gibson obviously understands the importance of anger management classes and how successful they can be for people who are on the edge or have lost control of their behavior. According to Gibson, “people are just not as patient as they used to be”. Anger control classes help individuals take a deep look at their hostile emotions and where they stem from. This bill would give buyers a 3 day cooling down period to reflect on the necessity of the ammunition and might help to curb reactive behavior.

Individuals who take an anger management class can expect to learn how to recognize the anger and what the triggers are so they can more actively avoid conflict. Programs work on getting at your underlying feelings and teach individuals to not only take responsibility for their actions but how to cope in a more positive way. The tools necessary to manage anger include stress management, empathy training, attitude adjustment, assertive communication, forgiveness and appropriate responses. A main point in managing anger is to address how the individual talks to himself. If an individual expects too much from himself and others and is constantly berating himself for his misgivings, it can create a toxic way of thinking that causes angry emotions. Classes teach participants how to take charge put events in perspective and resolve situations in a calm, well-balanced manner.

One way to approach anger management education is to take a course online. If Senator Gibson’s bill passes in Florida, this will be a highly sought after way because of the overall convenience. Anger classes online are a successful way of learning because no matter where you are, it’s up to the individual to put in the effort to make change. If you are open to the subject matter, than online classes can be just as effective as going into a classroom full of people. In fact, they are actually better because individuals can be in the safe, relaxed and private setting of their own home. Many people feel this environment gives them more focus to concentrate on the topics that are important to them.

As soon as the participant registers, the 8, 12, 16 or 26 hour anger management class becomes available to access at any time of the day or night. All you need is an Internet connection and the client has complete flexibility to go at any speed he or she would like. There is no time limit, so an 8 hour class can finished in 1 day or over a period of a couple weeks. The computer holds the last spot you were at, so when you log back in, you can continue forward. Upon successful completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion is sent out to you. This is the official documentation that is shown to the court, ammunition facility, workplace or whoever needs to see it, to prove that the requirement was fulfilled.

Online anger classes can be accessed from anywhere in the U.S. and are definitely the way to go for individuals looking for high quality education as well as convenience and ease.

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