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Is Anthony Michael Hall the next poster child for anger management? He was recently booked on a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace after an altercation with a neighbor at his Los Angeles condo.

The neighbor called 911 after he saw Hall tearing up plants in the common area of the condo complex. Then Hall threatened to beat him up for complaining.

Anger is one emotion we all share.  Regardless of whether you are a movie star, singer, politician or other high profile person, anger tends to be one of the single most common emotions that adversely effect all humanity.  When we get too angry, we often loose control of our impulses and good judgement.  This is also true with how alcohol effects many of us.  There comes a point in time where we end up saying or doing things we later regret because our anger overcomes our very being.

I suspect that Mr. Hall will not want to participate in anger management as many actors have tried to avoid it.  What most don't realize is how incredibly beneficial anger management classes can be.  They teach participants a variety of skills in areas that most of us won't deny we need improvement.  Who wouldn't want to be a better communicator or improve their ability to manage stress?  How about increase skills in empathy and optimism?  These are just some of thing that are taught in a quality anger management program.

While most celebrities could likely benefit from anger classes, the rest of us "mortals" probably could too.  Those that take anger management classes will often report that their relationships improve.  These could be relationships at work, with a loved one, a friend or even a family member.  Don't you owe it to yourself to make some changes to your life for the better?  Maybe pass on the next spa trip and take an anger management course instead.  It might just be the best treatment you ever gave yourself.
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