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Modern life is often highly stressful. In many people this stress can build up and manifest in the form of anger. Of course, it is perfectly normal, indeed healthy, to be angry sometimes. However, when anger begins to define a person, it becomes a lot more damaging, not just to the person who is suffering from anger, but all the people that surround that person.

Anger is defined as a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility. Generally it is considered to be a natural emotion. However, at the point where it becomes uncontrolled, anger is considered to be quite a major issue. Such uncontrolled anger can seriously affect ones personal and social well being.

In this article we shall look at the ways that anger can negatively affect the people around you. It pays to take a moment and ask yourself how many people are influenced by your moods. Do you have a wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend? How about children? Workmates, friends, even people that you interact with on the street can also all be adversely affected by chronic anger.

One of the most common important relationships that are affected by anger is the relationship of a couple, married or otherwise. These anger issues are not gender specific. It can happen to the man, woman or both. In the worst case scenario it can even lead to domestic violence. Many relationships break down because of anger that was not controlled, and the relationships that continue are often unhappy for all parties involved.

Another important relationship that can be damaged or destroyed by anger is the relation of parent-child. If a child ends up facing the brunt of a parent’s anger, the child can have developmental issues as they grow older, as well as having serious relationship problems with your parent. This is quite often an issue as children are often the source of a parent’s anger. However it is the job of the parent to be mature and control their anger when dealing with a child. When a parent does get into a state of uncontrolled anger towards a child it is not the child’s fault, as he or she is likely only doing what all children do. This is where a parenting anger managemnet class could be helpful.

In the professional environment, anger can quickly ruin professional relationships. Quite often in the workplace, workmates can do things that get you angry. It is perfectly okay to voice your anger at your workmates for something they did or did not do. However, if you go into a fit of rage, not only do you risk losing the respect of your fellow workmates, you also jeopardize your job.

Friends too can often be a source of anger. They can occasionally do things that annoy you. However, if you value your friendship it is best to stay in control of your anger. Naturally, you can voice your anger or frustration in a reasonable tone of voice, it is considered to be healthy to do so. But if you lose control you are going to lose friends.

By learning to control your anger you can not only become a happier person, but the people around you will respect you more for it. If you do suffer from anger issues be honest with yourself and do not be afraid to seek help. You will become a far greater person for it.  Anger classes can be taken simply for person growth or for court ordered anger requirements.  Regardless of the reason, getting help is simple.

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