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Anger management is often requested for court ordered requirements. Over the last 10 years, these classes have become very popular with the courts because they have replaced diversion programs with specialized training for defendants. What most people don't realize is that these classes can often be taken online vs. A traditional in class setting.

The main issue the consumer should look for when choosing an online anger management class is making sure the provider is licensed and certified to offer the programs. The course should also use a well known and established curriculum. The online anger class should provide a certificate of completion and give access to any court official who may need to verify the authenticity of the course.

Online classes should mimic an in person class in terms of content and hours. Most anger management programs are about 8 to 16 hours depending one the court. So before you consider signing up for an inconvenient in person class, consider taking Anger Management Classes in an online format first.

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