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Surprise, surprise, Chris Brown was back in the news yesterday for two separate anger management incidents. The first one occurred when his private plane stopped for re-fueling in Bermuda. According to eonline, Chris got into an altercation with his friend and bodyguard Big Pat which resulted in Big Pat exiting the plane and catching a public flight instead. Later in the evening, Chris exploded at a bowling alley in Los Angeles when a parking lot attendant told him he had a $10.00 valet charge. Apparently, Chris was at the venue for a charity event and was mad that he had to pay the fee because he’d only been inside for 30 minutes. The footage was caught on video by TMZ showing Chris exploding in anger and getting up close in the valet’s face and yelling profanities at him. Obviously, this is no way to treat an innocent employee or to go through life. It’s unnerving, hostile and stressful to everyone around him. His own health is probably compromised as well since this explosive anger can lead to high blood pressure, heart issues, gastrointestinal problems as well as anxiety and depression.

Chris could definitely use some continuing anger management education. If you recognize this high conflict behavior in yourself, take action now. Anger classes are designed to help individuals learn to deal with these emotions in a more productive and healthy manner. The goal is to teach clients alternate ways to cope with their anger rather than having angry outbursts like we are continuously witnessing from Chris Brown. Anger management classes cover topics that include:

1) Who needs anger management?

2) How anger can work as a positive in your life, as well as a problem

3) Taking responsibility for your anger

4) How to better deal with stress, stress reduction tips

5) How to develop empathy

6) Ways to respond differently

7) How to put events in perspective

8) How to change the way you talk to yourself

9) How to send clear messages with assertive communication skills

10) How and why adjusting expectations can benefit you

11) The art of forgiveness

12) How and why to remove yourself from situations that make you angry

The easiest and most convenient way for the average busy person to learn these new skills is by taking an anger class online. Online classes can be accessed from any Internet connected computer device, anywhere in the U.S. This gives moms, dads, executives, students and employees the freedom to take them from their home, hotel room, and library or even while sitting and waiting for the kids while they are taking karate. Participants can login and out of the course whenever they want. The duration of time spent on learning the material each day is completely up to the individual.

Online classes from also offer a free Certificate of Completion when the participant has finished. This certificate is the paperwork that needs to be shown to the courts for those taking a class due to a legal mandate. Take an online anger management class today so you can live a calmer, more stress-free life.

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