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For years, divorce courts have demanded that couples seek counseling before signing off on a final divorce. Recently, some judges have seen the use in making couples get anger management courses, instead of couples counseling. This change has been for multiple reasons.

One of the biggest differences in anger management classes for couples, is the option to take the courses in a traditional live classroom, or take the classes as a couple online. In many circumstances, the couple won't feel comfortable sitting in a strange room, with a strange man or woman, who claims to be a “couple's expert.” By using an online classroom and letting them learn in a comfortable setting, the couple in need of counseling will be more receptive to what each other says and even more revealing than they would be in couples counseling.

Many judges across the United States have realized it's not the "couple" part that needs attention; it's the "anger" part. The vast majority of couples, married or not, truly want to be together. They simply need to be shown a more effective way of communicating anger so that it doesn't explode into an argument that causes a break up.

Anger management is something that extends to all parts of our lives, especially our loved ones. The old saying, 'the ones you love are the ones you hurt the most," isn't just said for laughs. It’s true, and that’s because it's the ones we love that spend the most time around. They are the ones who have the highest expectations for us. When we let those people and expectations down, or they let us down, anger can easily be the result.

Judges and courts have realized that it's not the disappointment that needs to be managed, but the anger that can result from it. This is one of the biggest reasons why couples’ counseling is being diverted to anger management. Couples have issues, and it has been a growing fact that those issues, even when faced, may never go away. At the same time, U.S. courts have realized it is important for couples to deal with the anger that is caused from those issues. 

The change has been apparent even when judges, courts, and families aren’t involved. More and more couples have realized that couples counseling is nothing more than a more expensive form of anger management, which can be handled for hundreds less.

Anger in a relationship can stem from cheating, resentment for past failures, and growing apart. When a couple grows apart, they often argue about everything, even the things they agree about. Arguing about what part of a movie, or experience, was better is a sure sign that anger management may be needed for the couple to succeed long-term. Probably due to the work of John Gottman, Washington anger management ranks as one of the most sought after states for couples work.

Couples are seeking anger management classes or even online anger classes instead of couples counseling more and more in today’s modern age for two simple reasons, it’s cost effective and it works. Why take a class that only let’s two people pry away at each other’s feelings? Instead, take a class that will show you both how to express yourself and handle the feelings of your partner. The anger of a disappointing past is easy to feel, dealing with it in a productive manner may need a little help.

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