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We often get phone calls from people seeking anger management.  Often, the call is desperate from either the caller needing anger management before they lose an important relationship, or it is from someone seeking anger management for a friend or loved one who has hurt them. 

As a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice, I also see the same problem with couples coming in for couples counseling.  They often wait until their relationship is on life support and then seek help.  Often, its too late.

My advice is to encourage people to seek help provactively.  Don't wait until the problem is at its worst.  Get help early on.  Prevention is key to making positive changes and creates the highest probability that your life and relationships will stay intact.  If you are local to southern Calfornia, then you might want to consider a local anger management class.  Another great alternative is to consider taking a reputable and trusted online anger management class.

Don't be a statisitic.  Take control of making the changes you need in your life today!

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