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Emotional intelligence is the ability to evaluate, perceive and control emotions. To a larger extent, it also refers to the ability to understand other people, their motivations and how to work cooperatively and harmoniously with them. In a world where success is measured by happiness, emotional intelligence is just as important as intellectual ability. These are key pillars in attaining a successful life and career. In today's constantly changing and dynamic world, our success largely depends on our ability to read other people's minds, and react accordingly to them. This is the essence of emotional intelligence. But what are the skills related to emotional intelligence and how beneficial are they?

Well, there are certain pillars or skills related to emotional intelligence. Top on the list is self-awareness. This is the ability to accurately identify your emotions as it happens to enable you understand your tendencies across a given time or situation. Developing self-awareness, however, mostly requires one to tune in to their true feelings. By evaluating your emotions, you can control them successfully.

Besides self-awareness, the other emotional intelligence skill that is worth harnessing is self-regulation. More often than not, people have little control over what emotions they feel. This, however, does not mean that you do not have a saying on how long such emotions may last. There are a number of techniques that you can employ to enable you alleviate negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and depression. This may include casting such emotions in a positive light and so on.
Next on the list of emotional intelligence skills is motivation. However, this requires one to come up with clear goals and a positive attitude. Even though you may have negative attitude, you can learn to think more positively through practice and putting in some effort. You can reframe negative thoughts into positive ones, which will go a long way in enabling you achieve your goals.

The other emotional intelligence skill is empathy. This is the ability to understand how other people feel and is imperative in achieving a successful life and career. The more skillful you are at understanding how others feel, the better you will be at controlling the signals you send them back.

Emotional intelligence skills can help you navigate the social complexities of the marketplace. Besides that, these skills can help you to lead and motivate others around you. Most companies nowadays consider emotional intelligence as being as important as technical ability, and often base their judgment on the same when hiring or promoting employees. Besides that, an employee with emotional intelligence is able to communicate and relate with his coworker more effectively. They are also able to solve problems, manage change and build trust with his employers, clients and fellow employees.

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