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Court ordered anger management classes are really no different then their "self-growth" counterpart.  In fact, the class is actually the same, just the reason for taking the class is different.  While some people take a court required anger management classes as part of a plea bargain for an assault charge or being in a fight, they can sometimes be assigned simply because the judge thinks you need one.  Regardless of your reason, anger management classes can be benefit you for a variety of reasons.

Some people are intimidated to attend an anger management class that might be filled with "angry court ordered clients".  This fallacy couldn't be farther from the truth.  The reality is that people that attend these classes are usually very nice, simply looking for some help improving skills to make the more functional in relationships.

it is important to keep in mind that not all anger programs are court approved.  Court approved anger management courses must meet certain criteria, such as be offered by a licensed and trained anger management professional as well as use a well recognized and structured curriculum. 

Participants of these programs can expect to learn skills in many areas, such as improving communication, learning how to better manage stress and becoming more empathic.  Unlike other groups that one can attend, anger management classes are really meant to be educational.  There should not be a group therapy focus or you probably in the wrong class.  Each class should include a new lesson and there should be exercises to practice in between each of the new skills the person is practicing.

Any court ordered anger class should also offer the participant a certificate of completion to provide to the court. The certificate should have a unique certificate number that any court official can verify. The certificate should also include the providers license number and other related credentials. Being a continuing education provider does not mean the course is certified or approved. For most people, continuing education may not apply. We recommend asking for two copies of the certificate so that you can keep one for your records.

While most courts will specify the duration of the class, we typically recommend about at 12 hour anger management class.  This is enough time to cover the basic and necessary skills while still meeting the number of class hours most state courts mandate.  You can always contact your local court and find out what they require for your specific case.

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