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The current economic situation in the United States has been getting tougher by the day. Retaining a job, however well qualified you are, has been uncertain. And, for all those workers who have been laid-off in the past couple of years, getting another job has proven to be a monumental task. With the loss of a job, or the extra work that has been put upon you because the rest of the workforce has been downsized, comes uncertainty, fear and exhaustion. The bills keep rolling in for the support of your family.  There’s medical and dental, food and living expenses, insurance, rent, school fees and property taxes to name a few causing increased stress levels.  In these adverse economic circumstances, stress and anger are constant companions and some can react by exploding without much provocation.

Understandable as it is, stop and think for a moment, what damage your uncontrolled anger is doing to your spouse or children.  Fortunately there are ways to control and channel anger and stress.  Doctors agree that aside of taking medicine to calm you down, it is possible to control anger and reduce stress with a bit of training. If you are experiencing anger control issues due to the stress of everyday life, there are actions that an Anger Management Class would be able to teach you.

The steps we should take to control anger are: 

Stay calm:

The first step in anger control is staying calm.  In many situations, this is easier said than done.  Anger classes will teach you how to utilize breathing techniques, as well as others, to manage this task.  Do not do anything hastily which you might regret later. 

Share stress: 

Find a trusted adult to whom you can unburden your worries and seek guidance and advice. You can talk to each other about the problems you are facing in parenting, at work or at school and use each other's experience to your advantage.  Support each other by helping out with babysitting kids, arranging for date nights, and helping with everyday tasks that are currently feeling overwhelming.  Remember, it takes a village to raise kids and to make it through our everyday responsibilities. 

Disciplining your children: 

When you are angry it is the wrong time to discipline your children. Your anger and emotions will get the better of you and the punishment will be disproportionate. This makes the child resentful and the chances are he will misbehave just to upset you. Calm down first and then tell the child in firm tones that he is being punished for what he did, but make sure the punishment is appropriate and not harsh.

When you are angry do one or more of the following to help calm you down:

* Count up to ten slowly before reacting to any situation. This will help you relax before reacting. 

* Take a number of deep breaths. This helps in turning off the brains' stress hormones.

* When you get angry use the tightening muscles technique to cool off. Tighten and relax your muscles, starting from your feet to your shoulders. This will help you relax.

* Exercise regularly. The release of pent up energy helps in reducing stress levels.

* If your children are old enough to be left alone, don't react immediately.  Remove yourself from the situation and go for a short walk. This act alone will convey to the children that you are upset with what they did. When you are calm, talk to the children and if necessary, punish them.

Anger control can be mastered with some effort on your part. When you think of how your family and friends will benefit, it makes sense to learn the techniques right now!

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