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It’s summertime, a time when many families have the opportunity to spend more time together. Also a time when the kids constantly underfoot, weeks of close quarters while on vacation, or general laziness and apathy from your teenager can cause a parent to get irritated and angry. This is a normal response when a particular goal is being blocked (like getting suntan lotion on your kids, or their refusal to do academic workbooks) and can be a positive emotion in that it gets you energized enough to resolve the situation in a positive manner for all parties, instead of just letting it go. However, anger becomes a problem when it begins to damage close relationships, makes you act out violently, causes problems at work, or causes health issues.

Often times the way we respond to anger as adults is something we’ve learned from watching our own parents during our childhood. The good news is that everyone can change his or her angry behavior and improve parenting skills, but you have to want to. And that doesn’t mean learning to suppress it, but instead learning techniques and solutions to better manage it through improved communication, emotional intelligence, stress management and relaxation skills. You will not only gain more self-respect, more respect for how others are feeling, and the respect of your family but a more harmonious approach to life. The bottom line is that gaining understanding and learning to get along with people will translate into better success in every part of your everyday activities.

If you are a caregiver who is ready to get your angry behavior under control before the summer turns into an emotional disaster, then an online anger management class just for parents is the first step towards a solution. The beauty of taking an online program is that you don’t have to worry about finding childcare while you drive across town to get to a traditional classroom. And, it’s a completely private way of learning instead of in a group environment with people you don’t know. Participants register for either the 8 or 12-hour course and it immediately becomes available on any Internet connected computer device. You can login and out from the comfort of your own home as many times as you need. The computer program holds your last spot so that the next time you log back in, you continue from where you left off. There’s no timeline to follow, workbooks to fill out, or paperwork to keep track of. Simply put, parents can learn these new skills whenever you have free time – when the kids are taking a nap, while they are watching a movie, or late at night when everyone is tucked in. It’s an easy, doable way to accomplish your goal of modeling better behavior and improving relationships within your family and your life.

It’s also helpful to remember that making significant life changes takes time, practice and patience. Learning new responses and applying new anger control practices won’t just happen overnight but with continued application of these new skills, you will benefit for a lifetime!

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