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According to a recent study by researchers at Columbia, Duke and Harvard Universities, about 22 million adult Americans have compulsive anger issues.  These issues are defined as out-of-control, explosive and destructive reactions to life’s daily conflicts.  Are you beginning to feel like you have become a part of this statistic?  Do you have episodes of anger that threaten your relationships?  Have you been told by others or noticed on your own that it’s getting more difficult for you to control your negative feelings? Has it reached the point that law enforcement has been called in because someone close to you has been afraid of your explosive reaction?  Whether it’s now become a legal mandate, you are choosing to make a change as an ultimatum from a partner or friend, or you can just want to learn how to simmer down, anger management classes either in person or online can help. 

Taking a look at the world around us, it’s apparent that workplace anger, domestic violence, and road rage are all less tolerated than ever.  While there may have been a time 20 or 30 years ago when a riled up angry boss might have been overlooked, lightly reprimanded or referred to therapy, now most companies would document the bad behavior for termination.  On the home front, once law enforcement is called out on a domestic violence accusation, many jurisdictions require the officers to bring the perpetrator in.    It’s just not worth taking the chance of dismantling your family life or career over something that is under your control.  The purpose of anger management classes is to teach you to control your emotional responses by learning new skills to better utilize your energy to resolve conflict in a better, more appropriate and professional way. 

If you are the kind of person who likes to be work in group settings to hear other people’s point of view and stories, and contribute your own experiences, then weekly-organized sessions are the way to go.  However, if you are looking for privacy, expediency or flexibility, then the online option would be a better choice.   Some clients falsely think that that this means a weekly class led by an instructor, taken via SKYPE.  Actually, our online programs are designed to simply read through at your own pace.  Once registered, our students log in to the class whenever they have free time and spend a few minutes or a few hours reading through the educationally based material.  This can be done from any WIFI connected computer device so you have the option to sit in the comfort of your own home at your PC or laptop to learn, or from your Smartphone while you are waiting for your child to finish soccer practice.  You can log on and off 24/7 so you get to determine how quickly you go through the class.  

Getting a harness on your anger now will benefit you for the rest of your life.  You can learn cutting edge anger control techniques as presented by a licensed psychotherapist and certified anger management Instructor without the hassle of driving miles away, missing work or family time.  The tools are available, now it’s up to you to utilize them! 

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