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Do you have trouble talking with others and understanding their emotions? Have you found yourself stuck in a job position because you aren’t considered management material? Do you find yourself having a hard time responding to difficult situations in a calm and rational way? If you have answered yes to these questions than it’s quite possible that improving your emotional intelligence level could be of great benefit. This term refers to the ability to understand and control your emotions to overcome obstacles, resolve conflicts, effectively communicate and reduce stress. Having this self-awareness and the consideration of those around you affects every aspect of your life.

Many studies have shown that people with higher levels of EQ or a high emotional quotient are generally more successful in their career paths, long-term relationships and lifetime happiness. This is understandable because people with high EQ’s are generally calmer, positive, resolution driven people who are able to extrapolate information, consider multiple opinions and solve problems. These are generally not the bosses that are flying off the handle, the parents who yell and scream until their child does what they want, or the brother who gets into fist fights to prove his worth. That being said, your level of emotional intelligence is highly influenced by genetics as well as your childhood experiences. If you grew up in a household with introverted, quiet and shy parents, you may not have had the opportunity to learn strong people skills. The good news is that through cognitive behavioral therapy you can improve your level of sociability and compassion and learn to handle anger and stress in more positive ways.

We all have the ability to change, the question becomes are you ready to dedicate yourself to the challenge? Like learning anything new, increasing your EQ level requires desire and commitment as well as practice, practice, practice. One convenient and educational way to learn these new skills is to take an anger management class online. In an anger class, clients learn how to reduce their stress levels by understanding and managing the triggers. Participants also learn how to effectively communicate with others to get their point across in a forceful, but polite and positive way. Another key skill that is taught is how to listen to others and feel empathy for their point of view. Lastly, anger management classes focus on changing the way we think and talk to ourselves about certain situations. For example, instead of berating ourselves for arriving at piano lessons a little bit late, think about how busy life is and how you are doing your best to accommodate everyone. Using a new outlook that lowers the level of expectation you put on yourself can give you a better perspective and relieve the stress you are putting on yourself.

Anger management classes can help to bring more balance into your life by getting your stress under control and better recognizing your emotions and the feelings of those around you. This improved understanding is the recipe for a good boss, husband or wife and friend. An 8, 10 or 12 hour online anger class is an investment in your future that will benefit for a lifetime!

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