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Do you know someone that is unbalanced, unpredictable and easily angered?  This person may be described as having Irrational Behavior.  This personality trait can be described as acting, talking and even thinking without rationality. When an individual is irrational, most people may associate this behavior with some type of undue emotional stress, an inadequate use of their reasoning abilities or they may have a cognitive deficiency.

As a general rule, there are a variety of different situations and conditions that can cause an individual to behave irrationally. Some of the most commonly known are listed below:

  • High levels of continuous stress
  • New and unique situations
  • Intoxication
  • Attempting to fit in with peers in various social situations in order gain acceptance.
  • Fear and anxiety

When people become angry about a situation, they may react in several common ways. Healthy behaviors to deal with anger include becoming quiet and starting a regimen of relaxing techniques like counting to calm down, listening to peaceful music or going out to get some exercise. After utilizing these skills, individuals can respond with emotions that are constructive instead of destructive. However, for those who do not know how to manage their anger and tend to handle anger irrationally, they will take their uncontrolled anger out on the people around them, specifically those who may love them the most. Irrational angry behaviors include screaming at the person at the top of their voice and becoming physically abusive.

Some people go through life tense and stressed-out.  They are easily set-off by the smallest things and can be sent into a rage at anytime.  This irrational behavior generally causes friends, family or co-workers to avoid the angry person, because they do not know what to expect.  An example of an individual who displays irrational behavior can be seen when a person bites into a sandwich and gets extremely angry because there is an ingredient they aren’t happy with.  Instead of pulling out that piece of lettuce, they might throw the entire sandwich away and starve for the rest of the day.  Dealing with someone who is angry for no significant reason is not only nerve racking, but also very dangerous.

If this behavior sounds familiar, there is convenient, quality and low-cost help available at the tap of a button by taking an online anger management class.  Once the person admits to having the problem, it is beneficial to delve to the root of the problem.  The great thing about taking classes online is that the individual can learn more about their problems in the privacy of their home at their own pace.  The fear or inconvenience of having to drive and participate in a classroom full of people they don’t know is alleviated. 
Classes can be taken at any time of the day or night and the client can drop-in and out of the class as many times as it takes to complete the class.  

These classes will teach the person how to identify the specific triggers that causes the problems in their lives. They can also help the person with developing the skills needed to assist them with conflict resolutions instead of reacting to different situations inappropriately. Online classes teach the individual how to deal with others in many circumstances at home and at work.  The education will help in every aspect of the client’s life.

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