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The Thanksgiving holiday can be a day eagerly anticipated with excitement to get together with friends and family, or for some, one of dread. This might be one of the few days a year that you see certain family members and past, unresolved tensions can come to a head. Angry feelings can be resurrected and sometimes the day doesn’t turn out as planned.

If you know that this scenario is bound to arise, try to get your anger under control before taking a step into that kitchen! Whether the anger stems from a long ago argument, your treatment during childhood or current issues, it’s easy to blame the other person and simmer with hostility. However, on Thanksgiving and every other day in your life, it’s a good idea to take a look at what your expectations are of that person or situation. Anger and stress can often be compounded when an individual expects too much from others. Take into account the other person’s point of view, where they are coming from and if compromising might be the only way to ever settle the issue.

To help stop your expectations from turning into angry scenarios, learn to adjust them. Take a look at what issues are triggering the anger and ask yourself if any of it really matters in the long term? If it does, ask yourself what you can do to let go of your anger, for your own best interest and happiness. Sometimes changing what we expect from others can help to stop the anger and disappointment.

To further study more ways to get your anger in check and create a happier, more positive life for yourself, take an 8 hour online anger management class. Research shows that we are incapable of resolving conflicts or thinking rationally when we are highly stressed and angry. Online classes will educate you on techniques to help manage stress, develop empathy for others situations, speak more effectively and clearly, and to regroup and think the situation over before responding.

Taking online classes benefits the client because they can be taken from any web-based device in the home, library, friend’s house or coffee shop. They can be taken completely at your own pace and on your own schedule and the client can login and out as many times as he wants. The computer program holds your last spot, to be continued at the next re-entry. Nothing needs to be printed out or downloaded, all the information is right there on the screen in front of you. Online anger management classes provide the client complete privacy and anonymity so no one else in the family or community needs to know that they are being taken if the client wants to keep it to himself.

Getting your anger under control is one of the best things a person can do for the benefit of a healthier, more well-balanced life. Whether it’s a Thanksgiving holiday filled with other people you blame for your temper, or everyday workplace angst, online classes will teach you how to manage these situations in a calmer, more constructive way.

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