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During the Holidays that's when family members come together. Relatives and friends you have not seen for so long, this is the time you see them again. Therefore this can bring old resentments and grievances that can often lead to anger. Many people find themselves time stressed with holiday preparations which even lowers coping ability. Others have come to dislike holidays because of the fights and disagreements which consequently result in anger and resentment. Anger is triggered by many things of which if you do not know how to control it, it will definitely continue to ruin a potentially relaxing holiday if you don't catch yourself. Therefore managing anger over your holiday you need to develop and apply the following skills which will help you have a different outcome.

  • If you want to manage anger over the holiday, be careful with the amount of alcohol you consume because excessive drinking contributes to conflict and aggression.
  • Manage your time carefully so that you do not over schedule yourself, in other wide plan ahead and set aside Specific days or time for each item to be done, and give more time to yourself.
  • You have to learn to be empathetic. Try to view the world from the shoes of other people and you will be shocked at how you anger dissipates.
  • Dealing with anger in the holidays you may need to adjust your expectations, keeping in the back of your mind that things can go different from how you have planed them. You have to adjust your expectations of family and friends remembering that you are only with them for a short time.
  • If you are to manage anger in your holiday, work on your forgiveness skills. You have to know that holding grudges against others hurts basically you. Let old resentments go and work on new and better relationships.
  • You can manage anger over the holiday through self-esteem. Boost you self-esteem and know your worth. This will help you to avoid indulging in unnecessary arguments and fights which would cause you to anger.
  • You have to learn to acknowledge your feelings. If something happens may be you are rejected or disappointed just know that it's normal to feel sad in such a situation. Its fine to cry since it also helps us to let go. 
  • Managing anger over the holiday requires you to be realistic and more flexible. Things don't always go the same way they usually do. As family grows, changes have to take place and new traditions and rituals often come in. so control anger by being open to change and creating new ideas.

One thing you have to really do is to stick to your budget. Before you do any thing decide how much money you are to spend and hold to it. Excess spending will always cause disappointment and anger in your holiday.
Learn to practice relaxation skills. If any thing disappoints relax. You can do this by taking a deep breath, take a walk, listen to your favorite music or getting some exercise. By doing this you are restoring inner calmness.
Hold on to your health habits and don't let your holidays become a free for all. Indulging yourself in everything just because it's a holiday will eventually cause you to feel guilt and anger. Also you have to continue exercising and get plenty of sleep.
Managing anger over holidays requires you to learn to say no. Not every thing that your friends tell you to do you want it. They will understand if you don't participate in every activity. Saying yes when you should have said no would only lead to feelings of resentment and anger.

If your holiday is to be anger free, you need to develop a positive attitude. Looking at things with a good attitude will save you from a lot of anger. Appreciate people the way they are and learn to handle every one according to their unique personality traits. Managing anger over the holiday is not a joke. Anger is often a difficult emotion to manage over the holidays.  As a gift to yourself or a loved one, consider anger management classes as an option.  It could be the best holiday present decision you ever made.

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