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Watching The National Football League or NFL teams play a live game at a stadium is an extremely fun and exciting activity. According to Nick Harris, the NFL earned the title of being the most attended domestic sport in the entire world during the  2010 – 2011 season. Considering the pure energy and intense competitiveness experienced during the games, and add the thousands of people watching it in each stadium, chances of the crowd misbehaving can be huge.

In most of the Giants or Jets games, Daniel DeLorenze, MetLife Stadium security chief says that the number of people to be ejected was reaching up to 25.  Finally the question became how to deal with these fans so that they don’t come back and repeat the same behavior at the next game.  This issue led to the creation of Anger Management classes online for unruly fans at NFL games. The person behind this strategy is Dr. Ari Novick, an expert in anger management and a professional licensed psychotherapist.

Among the very first stadiums to comply with this requirement and agreement were the MetLife Stadium and Gillette Stadium. What happens when a fan will be ejected? The rules and regulations depend on the stadium. For MetLife Stadium, they require the fan to write a letter of apology and enroll in Dr. Novick’s online anger management ( and pass it. The classes cost the person $75 for a total of four hours. $25.00 of each enrollment fee is donated to the "Mother’s Against Drunk Driving" and "HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers". To pass the course you must get at least  a 70% on the final exam.  If the unruly fan decides not to take the class,  they will be listed as banned from entering the stadium and if worse comes to worse they can be arrested for trespassing. Anger management is very important since it does not only help fans manage their anger but it teaches them to understand why this happens, how this can affect others, and how their angry behavior can harm both himself and others. By understanding all these implications, the anger management course will then lead the person towards consciously and voluntarily managing one's anger.

Anger management online classes are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This particular online class focuses on unruly fans in NFL who have been ejected due to intoxication or unsafe behaviors threatening the lives of others and his or her life. The topics during the four hour class includes introduction, all about alcohol abuse, description of a misbehaving fan, definition of terms, managing stress, how to properly behave during games, and a lot more. These classes teach how to control your anger so we don’t see more incidents like what happened to a fan last year at Dodger Stadium.  Ideally, if the perpetrators had been caught earlier while they were rowdy and disruptive in the stands, asked to leave and told to take to take this course prior to reentering the stadium, the victim would never have been assaulted.

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