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Individuals who have been betrayed or hurt have the right to feel anger and resentment towards the offender. These are perfectly normal emotions that sometimes take time to get over or heal. In some cases, the anger becomes so intense that the recipient of this behavior can’t let it go. The angry person holds a grudge that simmers inside or is exemplified by angry confrontational behavior.

News of Lance Armstrong’s recent confession to Oprah Winfrey that he was actually using performance enhancing drugs all these years and that his denial was “one big lie that I repeated a lot of times” has angered many in the cycling, antidoping and sports communities. Many individuals across the world looked up to Armstrong because he was able to overcome cancer and go on to have this extremely athletic, successful life. Children were told that he is a good role model and he even set up the Livestrong Foundation to inspire and empower people living with cancer. Unfortunately, he misled millions and now it’s up to us to decide if we can forgive him.

Successful anger management techniques promote letting go of grudges to reach a point of forgiveness. Holding on to your anger can cause many negative side effects like high blood pressure, stomach problems, depression, stress and anxiety. Individuals who dwell on hurtful situations for too long can end up not enjoying the life they are living. To overcome these negative emotions, anger management classes can teach how to forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t minimize or excuse the other person’s behavior, but it can bring you a sense of peace so that you can get on with your life.

If you are having issues with resentment and anger that you can’t seem to get past, taking an 8-hour anger class can greatly benefit you. Classes can open your eyes to issues you have been experiencing and teach skills to better manage your stress, develop empathy, reevaluate your thinking, and learn to listen and communicate more effectively. In some cases, the hurt that is causing the anger might be so intense that the individual needs to learn how to adjust expectations of others as well as the art of forgiveness.

One extremely effective method of approaching anger control is to take an anger class online. High quality classes are readily available from any web-based computer. Look for a class that is designed by a currently licensed and practicing anger management therapist and has an A+ rating from the BBB to insure you are getting the most current quality education. A high quality course will also provide a phone number to contact a therapist should you have any questions during the program. Once you enroll online, the class becomes immediately available on the screen in front of you and you are on your way to learning the skills you need to address these emotions. Online classes can be taken from the privacy and quiet of your own home, and at any time of the day or night. There is nothing to print out, so you can sit comfortably on your couch with your Ipad or laptop to view the course. Don’t continue to let anger drive your life. Take an online anger management class today for a happier, more well balanced tomorrow!

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