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The added pressures of the holiday season like visiting extended family, rushing out to crowded malls to buy expensive gifts, attending various work and school related parties, and trying to wrap-up year end responsibilities at work can really send the average person over the edge. People are in a hurry, overburdened and rushing around and come across as rude, abrupt and even argumentative. It’s a time of the year when utilizing anger management skills can really come in handy. The top ones to keep in mind at all times are to take a deep breath before responding and maybe even walk away to avoid saying or doing something you will regret later.

If you are aware of increased disputes at work, within your immediate family or at family get-togethers, here are some tips to help you resolve the conflicts in a peaceful manner:

1) Control Your Anger.

Remain calm and don’t let the other person provoke you. Listen to what they are saying and choose to say nothing in response. This will quickly diminish the storm while keeping the upper hand. The other person will be left frustrated that they couldn’t get a rise out of you and will most likely go away.

2) Use Positive Language.

Listen to the other person’s point of view and respond by saying “I see what you mean” to validate their feelings. This shows that you are empathetic and will break down the other person’s anger.

3) Let The Other Person Express Feelings.

Stand calmly and listen to other person’s tirade. Let them talk and talk so they feel heard. Eventually they will grow tired of it, see that you are paying attention and the anger will diminish.

4) Excuse Yourself.

If the situation gets truly out of hand, firmly state that you are going to leave and the conversation can be readdressed when the other person has calmed down.

If you read this and recognize that you are the angry person or are instigating conflicts in an uncontrolled manner, it’s time to consider taking an anger management class for self-improvement. Online anger control classes are easy to access, low in cost and highly educational. Go online and look for a class that is designed by a therapist who specializes in the field. Look for an A+ BBB rating so you know the course is legitimate and a 100% guarantee. Once you enroll, the classes are simple to comprehend and filled with all the basic skills you need to understand what is triggering your anger and how to resolve it. Online classes are available 24/7 so you can take them in the relaxation of your own home, at any time that is convenient for you. Taking an anger management class online provides complete privacy and quiet so you can reflect on your own issues and not your classmates.

Online anger control classes are also available to fulfill court requirements. If you have to take a class due to a legal offense, just check with your judge to make sure he will accept a distance learning class. Online classes have been accepted by many jurisdictions throughout the country, but once in a while, a jurisdiction will say that you have to take a class from a local non-profit. If it is accepted, than simply enroll, take the class, pass the final exam at the end with a 70% or better and you will receive a Certificate of Completion in the mail a few days later. This is the official documentation that you need to present to the court system.

Take an anger management course today to create a happier, more stable, safer environment for you and your family in 2013!

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