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Anger is a natural and sometimes automatic response when someone feels emotionally or physically threatened. Anger never occurs by itself but is preceded by painful feelings, making it a reactive emotion. Thoughts that tend to trigger anger include personal judgments, assumptions or interpretations of situations that makes one person feel that the other is trying to hurt them. These beliefs leave the person feeling threatened desiring to strike out and take action against whatever is causing the pain.

Angry people almost always feel like they are right and that their feelings are justified. Often times, people who are excessively angry think in black and white absolute terms. I am right, they are wrong. People who can be termed absolute thinkers have the characteristic of using words like every, none, best and worst. These are words and beliefs which leave no room for reconsideration.

This kind of stringent thinking can affect mental health in a negative way by leading to stress and anger. Because situations are either all or nothing, there is little room for negotiation or compromise which leads to a break down in effective communication and therefore relationships. People who are absolute thinkers often find themselves having problems in marriages, in the workplace, and with maintaining strong long-term relationships with family and friends.

As time goes by, an angry person will eventually realize that his anger is not resolving or addressing the problems that made them feel that way in the first place. Instead this constant anger ends up causing more social and health issues and a rather disruptive life.

If you are at the point where your anger has gotten the better of you and has become detrimental to your daily life, it’s time to take an anger management class online. The curriculum in anger management classes will teach you how to reduce the stress in your life that may be the root of your behavior. They also address your way of thinking and how to learn to change the conversation you are having with yourself to improve your approach to other people, situations and relationships. Individuals are constantly telling themselves things that may need some adjusting in order to respond with less angry and stressful feelings. Clients also learn the art of listening to others and understanding where they are coming from, an attribute that most absolute thinkers need to work on.

8 or 12 Hour Online anger management classes are extremely beneficial for busy business people, (both bosses and employees), military personnel, students, and stay-at-home parents. Anyone who is has a full plate of life commitments will appreciate being able to learn skills and tools to get past their angry feelings, in the comfort of their own home. Online anger classes can be taken from any computer that has web access, so a mom can sit on her laptop while her daughter takes a dance class, a manager can sit at his desk at work or a young adult can take them from the family room, at any time of day or night. There is no need to meet an appointment time or drive across town to a classroom. And, don’t be fooled by people who claim to be experts. Be sure to choose a high quality course that is designed by a licensed, practicing anger management specialist.

You will find that learning strong skills to handle your anger will help you with every difficult situation you are faced with. Giving yourself or a loved one the benefit of taking an online anger management course will reap a lifetime of rewards!

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