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The question on many people’s minds is “Does anger management therapy really work?” There is a heightened awareness in America today that we don’t need to put up with angry, out of control behavior. We now understand that anger is an emotion that we can learn to control with the proper education and tools. Most parents, teachers, employers, friends and loved ones will no longer ignore harassing, violent or hostile behavior. In fact, 49 states (all except Montana) have passed anti-bullying legislation in the schools so that children have rights against those who are threatening them. In response, educational institutions, workplaces and courts across the country are mandating anger management classes to educate individuals on how to change their behavior. So the answer to this question, according to testimony from thousands of students, is a resounding “yes!”

There’s no question that anger can sometimes be useful to help motivate a person to resolve a situation or address a particular issue. We see this on a daily basis when people take to the streets in a peaceful protest rally, or when the emotion gets you riled up enough to approach your boss for the pay raise you deserve. It’s the way you handle your anger that determines the success of your mission. If you find yourself continuously reacting to situations rather than responding thoughtfully, it’s time to learn the skills a good anger management class will teach.

There are many reasons why an individual might have poor anger control. You may have grown up in a household in which you witnessed a great deal of yelling or even physical violence and it’s the only way you know how to handle these emotions. Or, you’ve had a bad temper from day one and spent a lot of time in the principal’s office and in trouble at home as a child. Another scenario is that as life has become more stressful and challenging, you’ve lost control of your ability to control your anger. Whatever the case, changing the way you think about things and utilizing relaxation, stress management, problem-solving, listening and communication skills can help you to improve your life.

The good news is that in today’s world, you can actually do the learning in your very own home. Online anger management classes include the most cutting edge research in an engaging format to learn the same information you would get in a crowded classroom full of strangers, but in the privacy and quiet of your own space. In a high quality program, participants learn skills to deal with stress by utilizing proven methods to reduce anxiety. People who lash out at others often lack empathy and emotional intelligence. Anger management training teaches students the ability to understand what another person is feeling. In order to reduce and eradicate the initial explosive behavior, classes explain how to respond to an obstacle by adjusting expectations and using improved decision-making and impulse control skills.

If you’ve ever wondered why a co-worker seems to get what she wants, while you have been overlooked, it’s often because of the way she has initiated and presented the discussion. Training in how to politely but assertively express your feelings and needs helps in every aspect of life. Last but not least is forgiveness. In order to make permanent change in your life it’s important to not hold on to life long grudges. There are techniques to effectively forgive others for the way they have treated you, without having to forget or pretend it never happened.

The general consensus is that you have to want to make the change in order for the anger management classes to be effective. If you are ready to take on the challenge of transforming your life, try an online anger class today!

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