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Suppressing anger is a dangerous habit to get into. It is something that many of us fall into because we are taught from a young age not to have tantrums, to stay in control, and not take our anger out in public where it might cause an embarrassing scene.  It is basically when an individual feels the anger, but does not express it.  People often harbor ill feelings for long periods of time and just try avoid thinking about them.  He or she keeps the feelings inside so the public does not know that the individual is angry.  Couples might suppress their anger in front of their children so as not to get them upset.  An employee might suppress his anger towards his boss because he is worried that expressing it might have bad repercussions for his career.

This is an unhealthy pattern to get into and can eventually cause sanity and health issues. When you repress anger and try to completely ignore it, the feelings can build up and grow over time to the level where it is eventually explosive. The day it finally explodes the person generally acts with great fury and rage.   Actions will be way out of proportion and the angry individual could easily cause great damage and harm to others sometimes breaking the law with a physical assault.  It is extremely critical that you release your anger but its how you release it that is key point. 

Over a long period of time suppressed anger takes its toll on the body and causes high blood pressure, insomnia, heart problems and possibly cancer amongst many other ailments.  The truth is that all emotions affect the body when they are suppressed, however anger is particularly damaging because of the colossal energy that goes into this emotion.

To avoid all these undesired consequences it is important to accept and express your emotions especially when you are angry.  For many adults today, repressed anger is what we were taught to do from a young age.  It is our responsibility to teach our children as well as ourselves the skills of dealing with anger.  One of the best habits to develop is the ability to walk away from a situation that is causing anger.  Unplug yourself from the drama, take a deep breathe and just remove oneself from the entire situation.  This will give you time to think about things and then handle them in a productive manner.  Learning how to get your point across without igniting is also a skill that helps in avoiding suppression without causing a scene.

It is vital that those harboring this behavior take action by enrolling in anger management courses online which teach people how to deal with angry emotions in a proper and successful way. You will be surprised at just how much healthier you feel after you have dealt with the issue of suppressed anger in your life. The first step is just accepting that this is your personality type and the long-term dangers of suppressed anger are real, harmful and should be dealt with before the feelings become explosive.

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