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Are you the manager or owner of a company that employs drivers? Have you been receiving calls from the general public about the rude behavior your drivers are showing on the road? Or, do you spend a lot of time on the road and find yourself acting out at other drivers because they are bothering you? If so, give yourself or your employees the tool of a 12-hour anger management class.

Road rage can be described as the aggressive or angry behavior a driver exhibits by making rude gestures, unnecessary honking, yelling verbal insults and threats, tailgating, or purposely driving unsafely. The behavior is a serious act and has become so prevalent that 14 states have passed laws against this aggressive type of driving.

The results of a survey given by AutoVantage showed the following cities as the worst for road rage incidents:


2)New York


4)Los Angeles

5)Washington D.C.


7) Chicago


9) Philadelphia

10)San Francisco

Road rage is usually triggered by assumptions we make of other drivers. People who exhibit this type of behavior generally feel like the other driver is doing something on purpose to bother him, or that the other driver is an inconsiderate person, or not very bright, etc. Driving around with these emotions can’t only cause an accident or altercation, but it’s unhealthy for the driver. The increased rage causes the body to produce stress hormones that can in turn raise blood pressure and heart rate, trigger headaches and create lower back pain.

Nip the problem in the bud by taking an online anger course for self-improvement or by offering this program to your employees. The goal of a high quality anger management course is to change one’s thinking in order to reduce and eliminate aggressive behavior. To do this, anger classes teach skills in stress management, empathy and emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and effective communication. Individuals are taught how to slow down to process a situation before responding to it, instead of flying of the handle and reacting to it.

Anger treatment is increasingly being sourced online instead of in a traditional classroom setting. Clients of online anger management classes like the idea that they can take the course in the low stress environment of their own home. This also maintains their privacy, as no one else needs to know that they are enrolled in this type of educational learning. High quality courses are available from a licensed and practicing psychotherapist and anger management expert. These qualifications insure that the client is getting the most current and accurate training. Online classes are also beneficial because the client can take them at any time of the day or night. This reduces the stress of having to get to a certain classroom at a specific time each week.

Learning what triggers our anger and new ways to handle it will reduce the incidents of road rage behavior. In this economy, no one wants to lose his or her job because of inappropriate behavior. Give your employees one more chance and enroll them in an online anger class to reduce the number of sick days, help them change their lives, improve company morale and hold on to an otherwise good employee.

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