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Being angry all the time is very detrimental and negative to your health for several reasons. There are a lot of clinical and scientific studies on people who spend the majority of their lives angry. Going through life with constant high levels of anger is an extremely unhealthy state for your body to handle.  First and foremost, you raise your risk of stroke and heart attack.  Doctors think this is because feelings of hostility activate the “fight or flight” response in which stress hormones speed up your heart rate. Your blood pressure rises at the same time, as your blood vessels constrict.  People who spend most of their lives like this also increase their chances of having atherosclerosis, frequent headaches, digestive problems and Insomnia.     

Furthermore, it's not an attractive trait to have. Have you ever seen someone frantic or yelling at someone and thought that you just wanted to get away from him? No one wants to be around someone like that and no one wants to be thought of as the person who always has a bad attitude about one thing or another.  Extremely hostile people tend to have fewer friends.  This contributes to the negative side effects of anger because then the angry person has a weak or non-existent support network.  

Other downsides are that angry people also tend to have high levels of anxiety and depression as well.  When in a highly volatile state, they have the inability to think clearly.  And, people who are angry about everything often have the feeling of being victimized or treated unfairly. This hostile and rash behavior can become dangerous to others.  Sometimes, extremely angry people can’t even remember the explosive incident they caused. Overcoming these unnecessary feelings will change your life for the better. 

If you realize that you have a problem, you've taken a very healthy step towards curing the problem. Anger does not need to be uncontrollable.  You have a choice about how you manage anger in every situation you are in, but some people need to learn what the other options are.  You need to take ownership of the behavior and be ready to look inside yourself for answers.  The next thing to do is seek guidance and support.  Your anger will not go away on it’s own. 

Online anger management classes provide tools you need to learn to productively release and redirect your anger in healthier and safer ways. Taking an online class relieves the awkward feelings of entering a classroom and telling your story to a group of complete strangers.  The classes are taken in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule and at your own pace.  Classes address what is causing all the anger, the pros and cons of being angry, how to deal with and relieve stress, harmful behaviors to avoid, how to speak more clearly and openly and techniques to help you calm down. 

Anger management classes will give suggestions for the long-term modification of your angry behavior.  Investing 8 – 52 hours now, in a high-quality program will benefit you for a lifetime. 

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