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All over the civilized world, the vast majority of violent acts that are committed occur inside our schools. From verbal assaults, to full-blown fistfights, and group rumbles, violence has been no stranger to schools from New York to L.A. and everywhere in between.

One of the best ways to stop these types of problems is to implement a means of prevention. One question that has been raised is, should anger management classes be mandatory in high schools? 

Our children grow up in a new age of mass media and social networking, where there are more opportunities than ever for violence to occur. More than once, there has been a violent outcome to social networking. Something that was said online can easily carry over into school, especially high school. When considering the idea of mandatory anger management in high schools to control violence, the pros and cons must be examined.

The Pros:
Emotions such as anger and frustration can be strong and confusing in our growing kids. By requiring all high school students to take anger management classes, students will have a wider understanding of their own emotions. They’ll learn new methods to deal with those strong and still forming emotions. It could improve the maturity level and thought processes a high school student before acting up in class, insulting another student, or even a teacher.

Another bonus to requiring anger management classes for high school students is that they don't have to be taken in school. There are many different online anger management classes that come with an official certificate of completion. That’s the proof that would be needed to know the student didn't fake attending the class.

The Cons
Since a safe, private, and easy to access online option is possible, the down sides are restricted to affordability. For the school districts to cover the entire bill of these classes could cost US schools billions, in total.

Large classes filled with teenage students may end up a lot like Health Education classes during Sex Ed. It may be smeared in peer pressure, not allowing the unconfident teens to learn. That's why the idea of online anger management classes can be a great idea.

It's not a foreign idea to charge for a class. If it were a parent’s requirement to get their children this type of education, with waivers and such when needed, then the education could be had by nearly everyone. The cost for a basic anger management education is as little as $195 for a full 8 hour anger course, and the certificate of completion can even stand up in court, if ever needed.

Which is Right
The tools that teens will learn to control their anger could save their own academic careers and save someone else from being a victim of a violent act. It may also be effective at cutting teen gang activity.

The only obstacle is the pricing. Other than that, nearly every school district in the US would have lower violent incidents regarding students. How long will it take our school districts to consider a simple question: Should anger management classes be mandatory in high schools.

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