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Anger management is the process of learning how to deal with anger in a positive way in order to avoid destructive behavior. Anger is a natural human emotion that can range from mild vexation to raging fury caused by internal or external factors. Some examples may be provocation by another person, delayed flight, broken promise, and breach of contract.  Sometimes people attending stadium sports games feel that they have been slighted or offended in some way by the team or another attendee.

How one reacts to the anger is what makes a difference between a negative or positive outcome. Those who have learned to express their anger in a calm and controlled manner are able to get desired results as opposed to those who suppress it and don't deal with it in a timely fashion. Internalizing anger can cause illnesses like depression, high blood pressure, etc and at some point can explode in a most negative manner leading to destruction and harm.

Anger that is not dealt with manifests itself in different ways; a friendly person becomes overly touchy and cynical, sometimes resorting to abusive behavior that affects their relationships at both a formal or informal level. In severe cases, the person becomes so combative that any minor disagreement will lead to a shouting match or worse a physical one.

One of the common places that anger is intensified is during sporting activities.  Sometimes fans of a particular team feel that the referee is favoring the other side, or they are seated next to someone favoring the opposing team and don’t like what they are seeing or hearing.  In response, a person or group of people might become rowdy and abusive either physically or mentally towards others in the stadium.  A severe, intense example of this is the recent attack of a fan at Dodger Stadium this past season.

Upon the occurrence of such incidences, stadium management has put stringent rules in place.   Specifically, rowdy and troublemaking fans are not allowed back into the venue where their team will be playing, if at all,  until they have taken anger management classes.  One can either visit a counselor or learn anger control techniques from online classes. The benefit from issuing such a citation is that courses teach the fan to learn how to control their anger or get away in time from situations that may provoke anger.  Basically, to learn how to stop their provocative public behavior. 

Take some time off to calm down; this enables one to look at the situation causing the anger clearly. After calming down express the displeasure in an assertive as opposed to aggressive manner. This way it is easier to get what you need.  Or, learn to just walk away and get out of the situation so it doesn’t escalate.  If possible, find humor in the worst of situations, it helps dissipate anger.  Most importantly, seek help if the situation gets out of hand. 

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