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Many of us take a look at our teenagers and wonder how did we get here? What once was a happy, go lucky child and has emerged into a hostile, angry adolescent. Is it our fault as caregivers? Is it the influence of friends? Whatever the answer is, there is no reason to believe that we need to live with this behavior or just make it through this phase. We can take steps to deal with our children’s anger by learning new tools and skills to help us handle it. Anger management classes for parents and adolescents teach the knowledge we need to get to the root of the behavior and learn to overcome it.

If you find yourself in a situation in which your child is having temper tantrums and angry outbursts, here are some quick tips to help you initially deal with the event:

1) Don’t react physically.

Don’t let your child get you riled up. No matter how angry you might feel, don’t get physical with your child. This just teaches him or her that it’s okay to solve problems with aggression.

2) Don’t yell back.

It’s basic instinct to react to a screaming child by yelling even louder. This only escalates the moment and will increase the parent’s feeling of being out of control. If you remain calm, your child will eventually start to relax and calm down as well.

3) Take a break.

Remember that when your child is in this angry state, you can’t reason with him. If you keep bantering and engaging with him or her, it will not solve the problem. Walk away from the situation and readdress the event when everyone has calmed down.

4) Don’t try to reason.

Children don’t have the same capacity as adults to think logically, especially during a stressful situation. Your first instinct might be to try and talk it through with him or her. This will only make them angrier, so wait until he calms down at a later point.

Having your child take an anger management class online is an excellent way to impart the knowledge they need to learn to control their behavior. Teaching adolescents that they have the ability to manage their anger will cement skills that will last throughout their life. In an online anger management class for teens, kids have the opportunity to learn utilizing their favorite form of technology, the computer. Classes are designed to keep 11 – 17 year olds interested and engaged throughout the 10 or 12-hour class.

Online classes can be accessed from any web-based computer device, anywhere in the U.S. Teens can learn from the privacy and relaxed atmosphere of their own home so they don’t need to feel embarrassed in front of other people. They can login and out of the class whenever they have free time, so it’s completely self-paced. The computer program holds your last spot or the student can review any material they have previously read through. The classes are designed to be easy to understand and are an ideal source for parents to utilize to help teens change their ways. Taking an online anger course is highly educational, convenient and a great way to put a stop to temper tantrums, angry outbursts and hostile behavior.

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