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Abusive supervision, workplace hostility or workplace bullying are nonphysical forms of aggression in which bosses target employees with ridicule, public criticism or by not speaking with them at all. In a study recently presented in the Journal of Social Psychology, although this type of abuse may not include physical violence, the results are detrimental and leave long-lasting wounds. Examples of this behavior include yelling at employees to get more work performance out of them, starting rumors about them, or making insulting comments about one’s personal life.

The impact of a bad boss can impact the entire office. Others in the workplace hear about it and it negatively affects their general perception of the company they work for. It is in a company’s best interest to end this management style before it takes hold and sustains a lasting detrimental impact on the entire department. To deal with this behavior without having to fire an otherwise productive and good manager, human resource departments across the U.S. have found that offering the employee the tool of an anger management class is a successful solution. Specifically, offering this workplace anger education to the disruptive manager is a low cost way to prevent lawsuits as a result of inappropriate workplace conduct.

The goal of an anger management class is to help individuals to better manage anger and stress related problems that are affecting their daily life. Once the manager gains this control over his own behavior, the resulting negative workplace bullying will end. A high quality anger class for workplace issues will cover:

  • How to recognize and deal with stress
  • How to develop empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Impulse control
  • Improvement of decision making skills
  • Improving internal dialog
  • Effective assertive communication skills
  • How to manage expectations
  • Forgiveness training
  • How to stop reacting and start responding

Many busy professionals find that it is close to impossible to get to a traditional classroom at a specific time each week to learn anger control skills. For this reason, online anger management classes have become increasingly popular. Online classes enable the client to take the course from any web-based computer device and on their own schedule. This means that the employee doesn’t need to miss any work but can instead take it during his lunch hour from his desk or at home at night after dinner. Online anger courses are available 24/7 and can be logged in and out of as many times as is convenient. Therefore, the class can be taken for 20 minutes one day, 2 hours the next, or over an entire weekend, whatever works best to fit into his or her own schedule.

Be sure to choose a high quality online anger class that is designed by a currently licensed and practicing psychotherapist and certified anger management professional. This will insure that the program utilizes the most up to date and empirically validated interventions. Also look for a program that has a BBB rating of A+ and provides a certificate of completion when the requirement is fulfilled.

Stop anger and abusive supervision from destroying an otherwise healthy, happy and effective workplace environment. Provide an anger class online for your disruptive manager today!

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