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Are you striving for a promotion at work? Do you look at the managers around you and wonder how they got there? Do you want to improve yourself so upper management can see you as a strong leader? There are a number of qualities that are necessary to become a good manager. Some can be developed on your own and some characteristics can be learned by taking business classes and specifically an anger management class. Even if you don’t perceive yourself as angry person, you can enhance your relationships with others by learning new skills to improve your interaction with others. Some characteristics of good managers include:

1) Active Listening Skills

Active listening is a structured way of listening that requires the listener to re-state what they heard in their own words. This helps to confirm that both parties are on the same page.

2) The Art of Compromise and Mediation

A good manager knows how to help parties reach a peaceful agreement by understanding and employing conflict resolution techniques. Conflict triggers strong emotions, but when handled in a respectful and positive way, it provides an opportunity for growth. Strong managers know how to handle mediation.

3) Calmness and Flexibility

The ability to control your anger and remain calm is essential when the pressure is on. The ability to not take things personally and to be adaptable and be flexible to changing situations is also key.

4) Teamwork

An effective manager works well with others and is able to collaborate and integrate other people’s ideas into the end result.

A good manager is a true leader. He is influential and respectful, encouraging and optimistic. While some of these traits may come instinctually, investing your time in a 16 hour anger management class will educate you on how to achieve the additional characteristics you don’t already possess. Taking a high quality class online is the way to go for busy professionals, as they are easily available any time of the day or night from any web-based device. Clients can login and out of the course as many times as necessary for their own convenience. They are a relaxed, self-paced way to learn assertive communication, active listening, empathy, stress management and anger control skills to be the best manager possible. Students also learn how to avoid harmful behavioral patterns like criticism, passive-aggressiveness and defensiveness and instead learn how to think like an optimist.

Look for a class that is designed by an active and licensed therapist and certified anger management provider. Enrolling in a course that is designed by someone who makes numerous presentations on stress and anger management to corporations, conducts workshops and provides one-on-one therapy will insure that you are getting the most current and accurate skill training. A good program will also have an A+ BBB rating and have someone available to contact for any questions that arise while taking the course.

Online anger management classes not only provide privacy and convenience, but also will give you the education you need to improve skills necessary to be a successful manager and improve relationships in your everyday life.

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