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Anger is a mentally and physically exhausting emotion. When someone becomes angry it sometimes is expressed by severe facial expressions, a tense body, clenched teeth, and an increase in vocal volume or change in tone. Anger is often called a secondary emotion because we resort to anger to cover up our initial feelings. Generally, people become angry when they feel threatened, offended, pressured or disrespected among other things. The angry person almost always feels one of these emotions before responding with anger. An example of this is as follows:

A barista at Starbucks is calm but working hard to keep up with everyone’s orders when a customer comes up and remarks that the coffee tastes weak and the cup isn’t filled enough. The barista might have started out calm but the customer is personally attacking the way she is making the coffee and it is offensive to her. She responds with anger at the customer because she is not purposely doing this. In fact, she is following directions and is now aggravated that the customer has chosen to complain in front of her boss. This is a reaction to someone else’s behavior. If it weren’t for this second person’s behavior, the barista would never have become angry.

Uncontrolled anger can be such a strong emotion that it leads to unplanned actions and words that the individual might end up deeply regretting. At times, anger arises when it is least expected and the recipients might be completely innocent people. For instance, you might receive a disappointing phone call with bad news. The only people around you might be children or friends, and they end up on the receiving end of your anger.

Many people simply don’t have the innate ability or calmness about them to control their angry outbursts. To learn how to manage anger, taking an online anger management is highly recommended. Classes focus on stress management skills and techniques to redirect the emotions in a more positive manner. Gaining more balanced composure will help you in every aspect of your life, from how you handle your kids, to dealing with other employees at work, to how your respond to a spouse or loved one. If you are looking for a promotion, knowing how to calmly resolve conflicts and speak assertively but inoffensively will be in your favor. Knowing good anger management techniques can also help reduce your chances of getting in trouble with the law.

The most convenient and relaxed way to take an anger management class is online via the Internet. This approach enables you to stay in the comfort of your own home instead of driving to a classroom. Once you register, the class is available at any time of the day or night so you don’t have to adhere to someone else’s schedule. You simply scroll through the pages on the screen in front of you and learn the material. Be sure to choose an online class that is rated A+ by the BBB and is designed by a licensed and practicing anger management specialist to insure you are getting the highest quality information.

The New Year has just begun. This is your chance to start fresh and present a new you by learning how to get your anger in check today!

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