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Maintaining a strong, healthy, honest and happy relationship with your spouse can be a difficult goal to attain, especially after years of marriage. That kind of intimacy, passion and commitment needs a strong foundation in order for it to survive. No matter how solid a couple is, there are always bumps in the road, stressful situations that arise and disagreements that test the relationship. In many relationships, one person might internalize anger for years and years until they explode with one angry conversation. Years of tension about a subject might create enough animosity to break up an otherwise stable relationship. One way to strengthen your relationship or regroup after a rocky period before it’s too late, is to take an online anger management class. You may not think that you are typically angry people or the class is necessary, but it’s a small way to show each other you still care and you will be pleasantly surprised about how much you will learn.

A basic 8 hour anger management class will have you look into what the root cause is of the building anger. You might find that you agree on where it’s stemming from, or have completely different ideas. Reviewing past situations will start a bigger conversation that will help lead to a solution. Once this is established then you will learn effective ways to communicate with each other without screaming and yelling. It might initially feel good to vent your anger loudly or violently, but in the long run this leaves you at a standstill. One side is angry, the other is hurt.

Learning to take responsibility for your feelings will help you to have more effective conversations. Challenge your own thoughts and put yourself in the shoes of your spouse. How does it feel to be on the receiving end of this high-conflict behavior? Probably not good. Classes teach empathy and why listening to your spouse’s opinion is so important. Let’s face it, one side isn’t always right in an argument and it’s important to look at your own attitude and how you can possibly be more flexible to help resolve the issue. Classes will guide you on how to compromise and meet in the middle so both sides feel like they have gained something out of the disagreement.

Another important topic that contributes to anger and is often overlooked is stress management. How do you let stress affect your relationship? Do you take it out on your partner in negative ways? Classes focus on how to deal with stress at work, at home and in life and how to reduce it. Specific tips and techniques will help the client to manage stress, overcome its negative effects and handle it a more productive way.

During online anger classes, the client will also take a look at different behaviors that contribute to underlying anger. Are you a passive-aggressive person, are you particularly defensive or have trouble accepting criticism. Learn tools to help you get past this behavior and to more clearly and calmly express your feelings to your spouse.

Classes are extremely simple to take. Just go online and register for the class length that is most convenient for you. The class will become available immediately from any web-based computer in your home, coffee house or library. There is nothing to download so you don’t need a printer available. You can sit together, any time of the day or night and review the material. It’s a learning experience that will benefit your relationship for a lifetime!

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