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Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 2 million people in the U.S. are victims of workplace violence each year? This is defined as any physical violence, or harassing and threatening type of verbal abuse. With this statistic in mind along with the daily dose of anger management issues we hear about in the news each day, more and more companies are signing their employees up to take workplace anger management training courses. In some cases, the HR department is working proactively to help prevent major issues from arising while others are trying to cover themselves from future potential lawsuits. Whatever the reason, corporate anger management classes can improve your company’s reputation, improve moral and absenteeism, reduce daily interruptions due to social problems among employees and reduce your exposure to liability and litigation.

The truth is that anger control issues in the workplace can happen at any time but can be diffused and often prevented if employers know how to effectively communicate with employees, and employees have the tangible skills to gain control of their overall stress and anger levels. Studies show that companies that spend the time and initial expense to screen applicants carefully with background checks, and train supervisors to recognize and know how to defuse disputes, greatly reduce overall corporate costs.

Corporate anger management training programs teach staff at every level the skills they need in effective listening and communicating, improved empathy, ways to handle and calm hostile individuals, stress management techniques, impulse control, conflict resolution skills and how to manage expectations of others. Students are introduced to calming techniques that they probably have never instituted, even the basic ones like removing themselves from a heated discussion to go for a quick walk in the fresh air, and taking deep breaths and counting before answering.

To immediately begin creating a safer work environment, there are a few key items to start with that include:

1. Listening closely to your employee’s comments. Sometimes potentially violent individuals will drop hints of upcoming intentions to their co-workers. Tell all employees to report any aggressive or unbalanced behavior they observe.

2. Model and promote respect and a positive attitude on a daily basis. Take the time to say hello to others, show interest in them and speak considerately to everyone you interact with.

3. Institute a team spirit so no one feels alienated. Create a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of each and every employee no matter what level they are in the company. Rejection can often be the catalyst behind an angry act.

4. Create a plan to get employees out of harms way in case of emergency. Know who will contact authorities, what the back up is and the easiest route of escape.

Corporate training programs can be taken with a live instructor that comes to your facility for seminars or through online programs. Many corporations have offices throughout the country and enjoy the ease and convenience of allowing their employees to take a single consistent program from any Internet connected computer device at any time of day, either at home or in the office. Human resources can monitor the employee’s progress and success in the class and the student receives a Certificate of Completion when the course is successfully finished.

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