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An effective way to prevent a marriage at the brim of collapse is by attending an anger management class. It is more effective than the traditional therapy. Of recent, many marriages have been saved through various anger management classes. Due to the stubborn nature of man, many couples neglect and underrate the anger management classes.  However, man tends to be more obedient especially when he is compelled to do something. In view of this, man may benefit more from the anger management classes when ordered by the court.

Everybody hates facing the wrath of the law. It becomes easier for many especially stubborn couples to attend anger management classes to save their marriage than to split up. When it is imposed by the court, the period of the classes often depends on the duration given by the judge. The period of attendance varies, usually as ordered by the court either 10 to 52 classes. Besides, human resources and department for probation may help in promoting the participation in the classes.  The court, some cases, may have a delegation which will be saddled with monitoring of those ordered for the program. With that strict measure, many people attend the classes.  When court orders for an anger management class, it is not meant to be a punishment for the couples but away of educating people on how to manage their anger.

Anger is the leading factor that contributes immensely to breaking of homes. Different things cause anger in which when people are educated about how to manage those things, it is possible that their marriages will last longer. To some people, when they find some disgusting habits in their spouses like nagging, this often generates a continuous crisis which may eventually lead to court; each seeking divorce. When the judge is aware of the cause for the impending divorce, order may be given that both partners should attend anger management classes. It is in the class that various ways of coping with individual differences will be taught. While most states offer anger management,  Colorado anger management classes seem to be gaining momentum and popularity.

Also, many divorce cases have been attributed to dishonesty and unfaithfulness. Just like the man will not like his wife to lie to him or even cheat him, the woman also hates to be cheated. In fact, studies show that women hate to be cheated more. Honesty is a vital key to a successful life; not only i marriage but also in all facets of life. When each partner notices an act of dishonesty in other, it bitterness to the heart and often results to expression of anger even to a very minor thing; transfer aggression. In cases like this, court will give order compelling both the dishonest and the angry partner to attend anger management classes. Moral instructors in the classes will train both sides on how to handle issues productively.

In summary, when court orders for an anger management class, this tends to save more marriages than leaving each party to their discretion.

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