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Summertime traffic seems to be getting worse and worse.  It begins in June when all the college kids come home and we instantly notice faster and more reckless driving on our city streets.  Then all the families pile on the freeways, trying to make it to their vacation destinations with loud, cranky kids in the back of the vans.  It’s a trying time for many seasoned business drivers as they have to have a heightened sense of awareness about them, looking out for the increased number of lost, inexperienced and erratic drivers on the roads.

Seems that this otherwise relaxing season, brings with it more road rage than is normally witnessed throughout other parts of the year.   Also known as intermittent explosive disorder, it is a term that refers to violent behavior due to stress caused by incidents or accidents on roadways. Road rage is often a natural outcome of aggressive driving. The aggression and frustration related to road rage does not always occur because of too much traffic but is a habit practiced when you feel like retaliating. It is a choice you make by your own free will and is a result of a bad temper. As a result of road rage drivers not only risk their own life but also that of the people around them. In fact, you might not be aware of this but road rage is a punishable offence with substantial fines in many countries. In severe cases, the culprit's driving license can be suspended if he/she is caught causing trouble on the road.

Road rage is dangerous and can lead to physical attacks and in worst scenarios - serious physical injuries, or even death.  There will be drivers who are going to be rude and aggressive. But the good news is that if you control your temper and try to keep your temper in check when facing a volatile situation, you will be putting a stop to violence. Here are a few tips and tricks that may help you keep things calm and not react in a negative way while on the road:

1. Don't take it personally. Generally, the rude driver is not there to harm you on purpose. Some people just happen to be rude/bad drivers or they happen to make unintentional mistakes. It is better to give such people the benefit of doubt and move on.

2. Take deep breaths and control your anger with the help of relaxation. Breathing allows you to keep your stress levels in control and respond mindfully.

3. Don't abuse or offend while driving. This implies to following the traffic rules, driving in the correct lane and not making offensive or rude remarks/gestures. Be smart and avoid issues with other drivers on the road.

4. Refuse to get angry if someone confronts you. There will not be any fight at all if you refuse to involve yourself in the fight.

5. Give the angered driver enough room and keep a safe distance.

6. Avoid eye contact at all costs. Call the emergency number of your area if you feel threatened.

7. Stay away from crazy drivers.

8. Stay alert, stay focused, and stay calm when behind the wheel.

Online anger management classes are not only time-efficient, but also the best way to learn how to manage and control road rage. Online classes are virtually based tutorials, so it is easy to access information and review it anytime, any day. Those wanting to enroll themselves but can't invest much money in it can buy a low-cost set of tutorials/classes that differ in length. The best part here is that you can involve your spouse or a friend to learn along with you! Taking an online class for anger management is not only easy on the pocket but offers you the techniques you need to learn for a more peaceful demeanor.   

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