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One of the beauties of living in a technical age is that information is at our finger tips.& nbsp; Now, more than ever, the ability to access good information and get help is easier than it's ever been in history.& (read more)
The decision to take an anger management class can be difficult. The toughest part for most people is accepting or taking responsibility for ones own behavior. (read more)
What many people do not recognize is that managing anger is a skill. While the emotion of anger is experienced throughout all humanity, the expression of the emotion varies greatly, depending on ones learned coping skills. (read more)
Almost daily I teach skills in empathy to my clients in either our anger management classes or in one/one anger management coaching sessions. Empathy is the ability to see another person's viewpoint from both a content standpoint and an emotional standpoint. (read more)
While the answer to this question is complex, I would like to explore a few key concepts that can help anyone. First off, anger management is a skill that can be learned by attending a group class, an online or distance learning anger program, or through one/one coaching. (read more)
How to Pick the Right Online Anger Management Class Not all anger management class programs are the same. Like anything on the internet, consumers must be aware that programs vary in quality, acceptance, and effectiveness. (read more)
Can Anger Be Eliminated? This is a common question asked by many people seeking help with their own anger management. (read more)
Contrary to Popular Belief - Anger is Normal Anger is one of mankind's most shared emotions. It is one emotion we all have in common regardless of race, religion, culture, economic status or age. (read more)
Anger is one emotion we all have experienced. It is part of the collective human experience. (read more)
How assertive are you? Most people think they are assertive when asked. (read more)

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